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M.2 SSD USB Enclosure, ORICO SSD Enclosure, Qi Wireless Charger Pad, Smart Wi-Fi Plug $9.95 + Del/Free With 4 @ ShoppingSquare


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Aluminium M.2 NGFF SSD SATA TO USB 3.0 External Enclosure @ $9.95

ORICO 2139U3 Clear Transparent Tool-free USB 3.0 External Enclosure @ $9.95

Tenda Smart WiFi plug @ $9.95

Qi Wireless Charger Pad @ $9.95

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  • sata damn, been waiting for the nvme ones to go on sale.

  • Can these be powered by the USB port when plugged into something like a MiBox? I guess so as that can power a mechanical drive but just not sure.


    • Usually, yes, although it does depend on the host device.

      Note: remember these are for SATA M.2 only, not NVMe

      • Thanks 👍

        SATA is fine for the stuff I would use it for… Movies on Kodi, external drive for WiiU etc

        Currently running them off spinning discs

  • Thought it was a free delivery on the order, but it's just free delivery on those small parts when you buy 4 :/

    $10 delivery if you don't buy 4 is a bit of a rip..

  • How does the M2 Sata compare to the M2 NVME in terms of data speeds?

    And the qi charger . Is this limited to 10 watts or will it do 15 watts with my samsung charger?

    • They're all bottlenecked by the USB speed; 3.0 is 5Gbps, SATA is 6. NVMe way more bottlenecked obviously, and even with USB 3.2, it's still only able to run at.. 1/3 potential speed? Somewhere around there, depending on the drive

      • NVMe implementations are typically x4 PCIe Gen 3 channels, just like Thunderbolt 3. So a Thunderbolt 3 USB can potentially offer the same bandwidth as NVMe SSD.

    • Just a note that the entry for this m.2 ssd enclosure lists transfer speeds of 6Gbps, USB 3.0.

      So its really roughly equivalent to Samsung T5 (Read: 540MBps / 4320Mbps), and only about as fast as the SATA m.2 drives such as some of the WD Blue (Read 560MBps / 4480Mbps ). Obviously not as fast as Samsung T7 speeds (Read: 1050MBps / 8400Mbps)

      This won't be able to take advantage of the faster nvme SSDs like Samsung EVO 970 (Read: 3500MBps / 28000 Mbps) and higher models.

      For $10, really good to have on hand if you need to test an m.2 drive in a pinch or for whatever reason have a small spare and use it as a temporary usb drive.

      • Would this still work with NVMe drives but just slower?

        This Item Adopting USB3.0 to NGFF M.2 Interface, Whose Transfer Rate is up to 6Gbp/s, is Ultrathin, Lightweight, and Portable so that it is Convenient for You to Use (Please Note: Not Compatible with m-key SSDs)

        From my research, m.2 = m-key?

        • SATA m.2 SSD could be B+M key. There is currently no el cheapo enclosure for NVMe SSD to USB 3.0. It also doesn't make sense anyway (as SATA3 already has higher bandwidth than USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1).

    • It actually depends on the chipset used. The main difference is that with NVMe, the chipset normally would support USB 3.1 gen 2, rather than 3.0/3.1 gen 1 found in these SATA based one.

      Due to the low cost of this enclosure, it would use a cheap USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1 chipset. Problem is, there are so many of those USB 3.0 chipsets and some don't support TRIM over USB (worse, some don't even support UASP). Unless the chipset is written, it is pretty much a gamble and lottery.

      On m.2 NVMe, even USB 3.1 gen 2 (or USB 3.2 gen 2 - same thing, just a mess in USB naming), the USB bandwidth is much smaller than m.2/NVMe PCIe gen 3 x2 (let alone PCIe gen 3 x4 or PCIe gen 4 x2 or x4). However, given that both PS5 and Series X now support USB 3.1 gen 2, having a chipset that supports that does help. Even if it is SATA3, at least the USB 3.1 gen 2 chipset will be able to achieve close to its max sequential read/write for SATA3.

      JMS578 used in ORICO 2139U3, not sure whether people have tested it to see if it supports TRIM over USB properly.

  • which one of these would i need for the ssd in my macbook air 2017? Thinking of having one on hand if the update to Big Sur goes toes up, or for duplicating this one when i need to upgrade to a larger ssd than the current 128GB.

  • Be careful of the m.2 enclosure - it wont work on most m.2 SSD NMVE format…This version is for SATA drives…

  • Tried to purchase enclosure but delivery is showing as $9.95 for Melbourne Metro. Nevermind “free with 4 items”.

  • Clicked this thinking it was all in one - SSD Enclosure, Qi Wireless Charger Pad, Smart Wi-Fi Plug - The magical gadget with everything.
    alas, no. LOL

  • Just purchased 2 qi chargers, said 19.90 on my Paypal, so thought ok free shipping applied, then check bank account, and it was $28

  • Hi OP,

    Are you able to do a special for https://www.orico.cc/us/product/detail/4039.html?

    • JMS583 chipset… you sure that's on the latest version of firmware? Or, you are comfortable flashing the firmware if it's not and willing to take the risk of bricking it.

    • Sure, let me work it out.