Who Remembers Horehound Beer by Bundaberg?

I'm interested to know how many people remember the Bundaberg Horehound Beer.

I'm sure everyone knows the ginger beer but when I was a kid my dad often bought the horehound flavour because he loved it. My main memories of it were taking a big swig when I confused the bottle for a ginger beer and then getting shocked by the taste, haha.

It's not for sale anymore unfortunately otherwise I would get some for my dad. If anyone is aware of any other decent horehound beer brands for sale please let me know.

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  • 5
    I remember it and I loved it
  • 3
    I remember it but I didn't like it
  • 28
    I have never heard of it


  • It's interesting they don't even show a photo of it (in your link). 😕

    I've got no idea what it is either.

  • *sigh* I miss it. :(

    I think years ago, I almost singlehandedly kept their production line operating with my consumption of Horehound…

  • Long gone from the supermarkets and was also removed from the Bundaberg Brewing Company web site at about the same time. I searched along time ago for it and did not find anyone who makes it commercially.

    You can brew it yourself, like home beer brewing from what I seen. Their are recipes on the internet for it.

  • I mistakenly googled whorehound

  • Imagine somebody getting a glass of soda water and dripping in some of the stuff that stops kids biting their nails. They then brush their teeth, swish the foam around in their mouth, and spit into the glass.

    It was bubbles, bitterness, a hint of minty freshness, and depressing darkness. I don't know why it reminded me of graveyards, but it did.

    Made homemade once to see if it was any better. It wasn't.

    • Amazinggggg description!

      Before reading your comment I wouldn't know how to begin describing the taste to someone who hasn't tried it - but now I know.

  • Apparently it's a weed that grows in sheep paddocks. I used to have a book with a recipe to brew the stuff.

  • Maybe make him some homebrew.
    Or this, which is not at all like the Bundaberg cordial but has horehound