Best Deal to Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max

I am looking for an iPhone 12 Pro Max in 512 or 256 GB pacifific blue. What would be the best deal at the moment? I have few options:

  • suncorp jobhifi cards (1000 limit to buy from suncorp per day/week.month)
  • ShopBack 3% jbhifi discount cards.

I am not interested for the coles/bigw TCN cards, as those are mostly unavailable.

What would be the most straight forward way to get some discount on this phone.

Thanks a lot for your time and help.


  • Harvey Norman gift cards have 8% discount for Deloitte employees with no purchase limit/restrictions. My friend told me.

  • Really interested too. I am with Suncorp and can only see 5% off on JB Hifi Cards.

    Hoping deals get better close to Christmas.

    • Apple usually dont have much of a deal on new phone and I dont think the giftcards will be discounted more.

  • I would say the best way is to port into Telstra, get the $500 JBHIFI/TGG gift card, and then use gift cards to pay off the difference.

  • I think you’re a week late. Coles had a 15% gift cards sale and they can be used at JB HiFi.

  • Costco have the 256Gb for $1,949.

    Perhaps Officeworks will do 5% off?

  • Right now, looks like buying gift cards from a physical retailer in lots of $300 using tap and pay with zip on Saturdays would be the best way to go without buying a third party exchange gift card like TCN. You shouldn't have stock problems (e.g. just head into any JB store for example) but might still be onerous since you are purchasing in $300 lots.

    • I was considering that option, too. Do you know wether zip will charge 6 dollar account fee if I pay it off straight away? And how many 300 can I buy each saturday? Thanks.

  • You can't get one anyway, Telstra = useless can't speak or chat to anyone. JB etc on back order who knows when. Before the SA's get in not everyone lives in a city, 6 hours either way here.
    If i lived in a city i'd be going gumtree, got a 12 128gb new sealed for $900 last week here.

    • I live in country vic too. My local jb has gold version today, but I’m waiting for the blue max pro

  • JB hi-fi will give you $30 off the 12 pro max 256gb if you ask nicely.

  • Watched some tear down videos on YouTube, iPhones are really well made, those micro units, in contrast, android phones including Samsung look like shit inside.

  • Hi

    Did anyone settled for any good discounts deal?

  • 900$ worth of him/her cards with 10 % off and 1100$ in jb hifi cards with zippay saturday offer accumulated and now I wonder if its any good waiting till xmas/boxing day for perhaps a deal on iphone 12 pro max.

    Its not to far away but I wont feel bad if there is no deal as others are predicting.

  • Hi

    I called JB HIFi to get their card conditions

    JB HiHi cards can be used as cash to any value

    General gift cards - eg TCN can be used to a maximum of $500 in a single transaction.

    I was looking at something like this but the TCN cards are impossible to get as they carry only floor stock. May need to look at a Wish or a 5 percent discount with Suncorp member rewards

  • Anyone expecting any deals before Christmas??