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Black Friday Deals: 25% off Hisense TVs & More Deals (eg Samsung 75" Ultra HD Smart LED TV $1595 Local Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


Other Black Friday Deals, more details will be out Tuesday:

Hopefully this tides you over

  • 20% Off selected Windows Computers (Dell, Lenovo, HP 2-in-1's, etc)
  • 20% Off Home Security

Some of the TV deals

  • Sony 75" KD75X8500G $2495 (save $1000)
  • Samsung 65" QLED HDR Smart TV $2195 (save $1100)
  • free local delivery on TV's 75"+

Other deals

  • Samsung 46mm Galaxy Watch Silver (limit 1 per person) $299 ($250 off) SM-R800NZSAXSA
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit $84 (half price)
  • Garmin Fenix 5S $549 (save $400)

  • PS4 500G $229 (save $180)

  • Macbook 2017 13" 128GB $1249 ($250 off) not retina.

  • iPhone XS 256 $1429 ($400 off)

  • Samsung S10+ 256gb Black $1299 ($550 off)
  • Oppo Reno 5G $999 ($500 off)
  • Usual $500 gift card with a $65 12 month Telstra port-in plan

  • Google Nest Hub, buy 1 get 1 free $199

  • Harmony Elite $287 (40% off)
  • Echo Dot ($39 half price)

  • Lifx Mini Colour Smart Bulbs 4 Pack $159 (save $100)

  • Lifx Beam Kit $149 (half price)
  • Ring Doorbell Pro $299 (save $100)

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    If only the free Galaxy buds promotion was still going…

  • The R7 is now on sale for for $1295.. So will it now be $971?

    • There is a Hisense 65" Ultra HD HDR Android with local dimming and Dolby Vision 65RG
      Listed as $971 (from a ticket price of $1295)
      But that is not the R7. The 25% Discount applies to the most recent advertised price as of 14/11. So if it was on-sale back then you are in luck.

      • Is the 65RG better or is the R7 better.. was thinking R or R8

        Was considering the 75R6 but thats inly 100motion vs 200 on R7 and avove. Does that make a big difference

        • The R7 is better, better specs and higher refresh rate or motion speed or what ever it’s called haha

          • @live_1991: RG is actually better because it's a fully certified android TV. So if you care about apps then this will have a lifetime of app updates via google play. Regarding refresh rates they both actually have the same 60hz spec - motion speed is just marketing nonsense.

        • Imo you probably shouldn't worry about the motionflow or motion crap that these tv companies market to you. I have a motionflow 100 tv and a true 144hz monitor and my monitor shits all over the tv because it's 60hz and will only ever display 60 frames per second. Both your 100 motion and 200 motion models are both 60hz so there is physically no way for the 200 model to display a smoother video. It's all done with software and speeding up response times to reduce blurring which will give the appearance of being smoother but still capped at 60fps. Yes the 200 will be slightly better for response times (time it takes a pixel to change it's colour) but they both physically push 60fps (60hz) max so if you want truly smooth video with sports and gaming, you need to find a tv that does 100hz+ like these: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/filter/consumer-electron...

      • Hey mate,

        I bought the 55RG a month ago and also own a 55 Samsung 7000 series 4k from 2018 and the hisense wins in every single way to the point the samsung got demoted.

        The hisense 55RG is so deadset brilliant with colours and panel clarity that it blows my mind everytime I turn it on. Considering I paid $720 for it at Good Guys and the Samsung was $1099 its even worse. The dimming is pretty close to OLED I mean the blacks are the same as the panel being off so it's super 'black' so to speak.

        The response on the hisense is also much faster than the samsung and you drown in overall features with the 55RG like voice command through the remote. Hope this helps.

        If you can get a 65RG for 3 figures it is a deadset bargain.

        • Tx for the info.. i have owned 2x hisense 65 and love them. Just not sure which to pick.. 65R7 or 65R8 or 75R6.. i would love a 75" but its motion speeds is 100 vs 200 on the R7 and R8. Then the R8 has quantum dot tech and Dolby Vision.. not sure how much difference all of this makes. So not sure which of the 3 is the best buy lol

        • Hisense 55RG for $720 seems like a tall tale?

        • @stashed you would have to be literally be blind to think the Hisense RG has local dimming like an OLED TV.

        • I wouldn't be so quick to write Samsung off. You must of got the ku7000 because you can now get the ru7100 for 3 figures and it actually has a 100hz refresh rate which is sure to be better than any of your 100 and 200 motion bs on a 60hz panel. Sure a year ago this was the better deal compared to your Samsung but was this Hisense available then? Lets compare apples to apples and compare what you can buy right now and imo Samsung wins it with a true 100hz refresh rate. https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/samsung-55-inch-...

          • @Tythefly86: Umm are you sure it's true 100Hz? Cos in the specs on samsung's site it says "100Hz Motion Rate"

            • @CVonC: I provided a link and it says in specifications that it's refresh rate is 100hz. Even on Samsungs website it says 100hz in the specs but it's under 'motion rate' not power specs so I am suspicious. It shouldn't say hz if it's not displaying 100fps and they are usually pretty careful to have correct specs on a manufacturers website. Also can't find anything saying it's a 50/60hz panel so I assume it's 100hz. Might have to call Samsung or something to confirm.. My point was more the fact that 100 or 200 motion on a 60hz panel shouldn't be a buying point and if your after a truly smooth experience than you should target tv's or monitors with at least 100hz+. I apologize if the specific tv is incorrect but you can hardly blame me. Probably the biggest problem in tv sales today is the bs marketing bullshit they make up to sell them and the lies and errors in the technical specifications.. Hell, 99% of 4k tv's aren't actually even 4k they are 3840x2160 and should be called uhd where as true 4k is 4096 x 2160, almost half a million pixels sharper. You basically can't trust any of them.

    • Have a link?

    • no, it shows in the pic of the ad the r7 being $1121. I was hoping for $971 too…

  • Any 82 inch or more TVs going for sale under $3k?

    • Hisense 85R7 Series 7 85" 4K UHD Smart ULED TV would be $2,996.25 (delivered locally)

      • How do you know that they are doing the 25% off all Hisense? Is it online only? I just don't want to get to Friday and be disappointed as we have been waiting on getting a new TV for months. Seems too good to be true.

  • PS4 500G $229 (save $180), isn't bad considering BigW doesn't show stock anywhere. Also, can't seem to find that on the catalogue.

    • Price is good! However I'm keeping an eye out on a pro!

      • PS4 PRO 1TB $389 ($130 off)
        PS4 Slim 1 TB Uncharted 4 + God of War + Horizon $349

        XBOX ONE S (Minecraft, Sea of theives, forza) $199
        XBOX ONE X (JEDI or Lego Speed) $429

        • Hoping these are legit.

        • Wow that PS4 Pro price. Wonder how long it takes before going out of stock

        • FYI : Disc free on the xbox $199 deal :(

          • @birnie: They took out the most useful feature: blu-ray

          • @birnie: Who uses discs now? Honest question :) If you do, the S with disc is $50 more.

            • @simmomelb: I do - where I live I have shithouse internet connection, and my office is about a 5 minute walk to a JB. Firstly, disc games are usually much cheaper than buying from the PS Store, and secondly, if I download a AAA game, it takes a good 24 hours before I can play it.

              • @b0rnwithabeard: A whole lot of people assume about a whole lot of other people. Some folks are further away from "good" internet.

                Our internet issues are bad enough I won't bother trying to buy anything at all. We're all happy watching series on Youtube.

                That said, yes to BRD player as we have BRD, DVD, AVI, & music/data CD.

  • So, nothing exciting?

  • Ripper price on that Galaxy Watch.

  • +1 vote

    Google Nest is matching BigW?
    Hope TGG will do the same too

  • Google Nest, buy 1 get 1 free $199

    Nest Hub?

  • Thanks OP. 20% off computers including laptops? Are these deals in-store only or available online as well.
    Kindly advise exclusions as I’m looking for every day usage something like i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage about 600-700 range. Thanks in advance

    • Includes laptops, do not know if is instore only. It does say they will be open LATE.
      Closest I see is HP 15" i5 8GB 256GB SSD $799 ($300 off)
      Good Guys will also have 20% off (Acer, HP. Dell, Lenovo) 1-2 models will be excluded as usual. 15% Surface Pro 7, 10% off Macs

      • Thanks have purchased ASUs from 20% off on Computer Alliance for 751. Still on lookout if anything beats that.

  • +3 votes

    Need that Samsung 75" Q90 or LG OLED 77"C9 please!

  • Is there a link to catalogue or pictures ?

  • What's the deal with hisense TV these days? Seems like they pick up a bit of popularity like Huawei?

  • Any chance anyone knows if this is instore/online only or both?

  • Does anyone know if there will be deals on Nintendo Switch?

    • Switch with Mario Cart 8 Deluxe Download code $399.
      Switch without the game will be $369 at TARGET

      • Have a link for the first?

      • Awesome, thanks. JB were price matching the Harvey Norman one at $398 which I was going to pick up today, then I remembered Black Friday, but hadn't yet heard of any switch pricing. I'll hold out for this one, unless a better deal comes along.

      • There's reports (in the US) that this MK8D bundle is the original model Switch not the newer better model

      • If I use the AGL Rewards JB-Hifi cards (6.5% off) and get them to price match Target again, I'll be able to pick this up for $346.25 ($200, $100, $50 cards + $19 cash)

  • Any chance that 20% off laptops will extend to Chromebooks?


    Is the ps4 slim?

    • Looks to be the slim to me, also have PS4 Slim 1 TB Uncharted 4 + God of War + Horizon $349


        Is it worth it considering those games go for around $17 sometimes?

        • Those games will be $19 at TARGET next Friday
          Red Dead Redemption II will be $39 at TARGET

          Also worth considering waiting until next November when for the next gen consoles.
          The 500 GB PS4 seems okay value, but would throw a cheap 1 TB SSD in it <$100, as the standard drive is SLOW in the PS4 and PS4 PRO.
          Stadia review seem okay (4k content is a bit disappointing), but latency and response actually seem good. So that is another consideration before shelling out a lot on a console.

  • Lifx 2m strips and regular e27 bulbs going on sale?

  • op do you work for jb hifi?