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Adata XPG D30 GAMMIX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MT/s $79 + Delivery @ Scorptec


Seems good for the price. The one you'll get is black not red, so look at the black pictures.

Model: AX4U320038G16A-DB30

Adata XPG D30 GAMMIX 16GB (2x8GB) PC-25600 (3200MHz) DDR4, 16-20-20, 1.35v, Intel X299, XMP 2.0, Dual Channel Kit, Black

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    • Yep, this only affects pick-up. You might have to wait a couple days until you can go in and collect. I have picked up a "At Supplier^" the same day of the order previously.

  • Hmph. I was excited… and then I see "MT/s" and "Edgy Wing-shaped Design". Good deal though +1.

    • It's MHz. I said MT/s because it's technically more correct. DDR stands for double data rate which is because the memory does two operations per cycle. The memory actually runs at 1600MHz but because DDR it's as if it was 3200MHz. So 3200MT/s is the more correct way of saying 3200MHz, because it technically isn't 3200MHz. It's a bit edgy and I don't know why I did it haha.

      However, I agree the design isn't particularly nice haha.

      But if you're in the market for memory it's not a bad deal at all. Almost CL16 at 16-20-20, I'm sure you could get the 20's to 18 tho. Besides, the timings after the first one aren't as important according to the interwebs.

  • back to $119

  • I just got it for $79 again. Ordered mine and now it's back to $119 again.