Refunds at Coles and Woolworths

Why do Coles and Woolworths staff always get grumpy when you ask for a refund.

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  • Depends who you ask, how you ask, how busy they are at the time, etc etc

  • They don’t, they have always been friendly enough to me when I ask for either a refund or an item for free due to scanning policy.

  • Depends on what you are refunding? But yes if you bring back a trolley full of toilet paper, then they do get grumpy!

    I myself have never found them to be grumpy, but then I'm normally nice to them :)

  • always get grumpy

    Anyone to add to this confirmation bias?

    EDIT: 2 posts came before my comment :D… so far no… but early days.

  • I think we need more of a story, from either side, otherwise we don't have much to go on.

    As an example, a earlier post on OzBargain claimed Coles and Don Smallgoods should be named, shamed and made publicly accountable for maggots on a cheese & ham platter, and even gave video and photo evidence, but the person quickly disappeared when it turned out the maggots were from their own bad food-handling practices. I don't know my original point was of giving this analogy, but in any case, that's why I wear an onion on my belt.

  • Could be that they are grumpy because they are 40yo and working at the service desk at some Woolworth at the non trendy part of town. Would need more context.

  • Maybe because they prefer people to know how to spell ‘bargain’?

  • This sounds like a Pam or ilove post…. Username change for one of them I wonder? 🤔

  • They don't like you

  • Why do Coles and Woolworths staff always get grumpy when you ask for a refund

    Because you purchased the item at Aldi?

  • I bought mens slippers for 12 dollars
    I thought they were 6 dollars
    Every item around them was marked down half price except for this one
    I didn't notice this wasn't marked down until I went back in to check after I paid

    She was GRUMPY!

  • I don think Woolies and Coles do a change of mind refund now. Don't they? All because of "COVID"

  • no refunds anymore excuse is covid… essentially they both used covid to make more money…

  • I find most supermarket staff incompetent and/or grumpy in general…

  • Ya had a few grumpy ones went in for scanning policy freebie

    Think maybe some of the managers think they are god

    Most employees I have had a positive experience overall