Will Stores Price Match Samsung EPP or TheGoodGuys Commercial Store for a TV?

Hi will jb, good guys or havery Norman price match EEP Store? if I shown them just a picture or something?
also can anyone find out the prices for Samsung QA65Q80TAWXXY 65" Q80T on RPP store please?
i dont have access.
anyone have access to TGG commercial price to show me please? a picture


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    Why would they? It's an exclusive offer that's not available to everyone. Like how Office works won't price match Costco.

  • It is $2624.25 down from RRP $3099

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    I've had HN price match TGG commercial price.

    • do you have a receipt ? you can pm me it please?

    • TGG are a retailer, which may explain why they matched it. I doubt they will match a Supplier (unless they have enough room to move in profit/rebates).

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    I've also had TGG match their own commercial site, YMMV. Good luck

  • Their policy doesn't cover non-public offers, but there's nothing stopping you from just asking if they can do it for that price and, if not, what the best they can do it for is…

  • its 1749.50

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