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Viofo A129 PRO DUO 4K Dashcam $288.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Viofo A129 PRO DUO 4K $288.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

4K front camera
1080p rear camera

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  • Don't have the a129 but my a119 has been very reliable for the last 18 months.

  • Recently installed mine from last deal and hardwired it myself lmk if you have any questions on the installation process.

    Review wise can't say too much as it's my first dashcam

    • How do 4k dashcams perform in the heat?

      • Car is garaged so only exposed to heat when parking outdoors in the afternoon (not very often). Haven't had it for too long so I haven't noticed anything yet. So far I can say that it still operates although the dashcam itself can get quite hot after prolonged usage/parking mode (unsure if this is normal - would appreciate feedback)

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    I've been looking at one of these.

    For those also Googling, be careful with models.
    Viofo A129 PRO DUO is the 4k version.

    There's also a Viofo A129 DUO, which looks exactly the same but is a 1080p only version.

    Then there's sets that have the rear camera included and some that don't, all using the same model prefix.

    It's easy to pull the trigger on a deal you think you're getting but you aren't.
    Nothing against the camera itself… there's a few Youtube clips that have direct side by side comparisons of recordings, and it stands up very well to cameras nearly double the price.

    But yeah… good price OP. Anything approaching $275 for the PRO with the rear camera is very competitive. Normal pricing is $350 plus.

    • There's also a duo plus which is the 2K front version and probably the best balance. 4K is truly pointless.

      For those intrested
      A129 Duo =1080p front 1080p rear
      A129 Plus Duo=2K front 1080p rear
      A129 Pro Duo=4K front 1080p rear

      • Also worth noting, the sensor is improved in the pro duo and further improved in the plus duo

        • Yes the plus duo, also known as 2k has image processing in the rear camera as well, making it the best option yet.

  • Oh nice, 4K cinematic quality car crashes!!

    • But you have the same issue if you hard wire it to your car anyhow!!

      No you dont have that issue! Completely wrong statement. The hard wire kits monitor the battery voltage and shut off the cam when the threshold you set is reached! Doing it right doesn't give you that problem and actually makes correct use of parking mode

      Using the OBD2 as a power source is a really bad idea. The correct way to do it is with the hard wire kits for dash cams. Using thr OBD2 as a constant source doesn't even trigger the parking mode in the dash cam.

      The way it should be is with thr HWK, for these cams it's a 3 wire type for your ground, Acc, constant (when the car drops its Acc power and switchs to the constant it also triggers parking mode) Using this you can set a voltage cut off range to save your battery. Also its not really a "hardwire" that should scare people off. You use add a fuse lines which are 100% removable and allow for a clean install.

      You should really get rid of that odb2 power source and do it correctly. Get yourself the HWK + 2 add a fuses lines. Use the camera correctly and let it auto go into parking mode and shut itself off instead of constantly leeching power of the battery that can leave you in a powerless situation

      • 1)I can only say that the fact that so many OBD2 USB cable devices are for sale and are sold in Australia both online and in store
        would suggest that your concerns are unwarranted.
        2)I have been using mine for over a year without issue and the person that recommended it to me had been using it for several years.
        3)Not all hard wire kits are sold with low battery shut off.
        4)As far as your "leeching power of the battery" comment, then your other option is to simply plug it into your cigarette lighter outlet which in most cars is disconnected from power when you turn off the ignition!!
        5) You can buy OBD2 power cable kits that detect parking mode if you are concerned about your battery draining.
        6) My dash cam goes into parking mode when the GPS detects that I've stopped, then instead of video it takes 1 photo every second or whatever you set it to.
        7) I understand the concerns that you express but the reality is that I can't find anyone experiencing the problems first hand that you raise.
        8) The absolute worse case scenario is that you damage your battery which is incredibly unlikely and would only happen if you were not being careful.
        Anyhow its still cheaper than having a hard wire kit supplied and installed anyhow!!!!

        • You can make anything, market and sell it doesn't mean is right or safe. You are pulling power from 2 pins in the OBD, can easily cause damage to it. All proper hwk have a voltage shut off. You set up is just plain wrong and a lazy attempt at it. Hwk only needs to crimps put on in no way is that something a person can't do themselves. My leeching power comment was forgetting to turn it off then your stuck needing a jump because a incorrect method was used to power up the dash cam. Again just because something is sold doesn't mean its right and safe tk use.

          Anyway you advice to people was completely wrong. Simple as that

  • I recommend the A129 Plus Duo for value/performance.

    • Yep the quality on even the A129 Duo (1080p) is excellent. 2k would get almost every detail. 4K would be good if something happened in the distance from the car. With 4K would also need a large sized memory card

  • Can any one please confirm how long is the saved manual footage when pressed Bluetooth remote button (optional) or the button on the unit? I couldn't find this information anywhere. For example, would it be longer than Blackvue (starts 5 seconds before it was triggered and the file is 1 minute long)? so I'm wondering if it's longer for manual recording in VIOFO.

  • I have two A129 (1080P) hardwired installed , we had a crash and picture was crystal clear in 1080P both front and rear. After seeing the video the other driver just shut up.

    IMO not sure why do we need 4K…lol…it'll kill your memory card much quicker and need much more space! just my thoughts.

    • Yep agree, have the 1080 version and very impressed. With the 4k version it would also take much longer to transfer the files via bluetooth

    • Most of the time you only need 2.5k and 60fps.
      1080p sometimes doesnot record license plate clearly (esp night time) and for a hit and n run, you cant see em.

  • Got mine for AU $294 delivered from viofo.com, including hardwire kit.
    Paid in USD via transferwise

  • I still haven't received my package.

  • I got my v119 within a week. Syd -> Melb.Was amazed it took 3 days after they had dispatched.
    Sill waiting 3 weeks for my ebay item form wangaratta(same state how hard can it be)

    Will use these guys again.