What Protections Do Sellers Have on eBay?

So I'm selling a brand new laptop on eBay, starting bid in $500-ish, buy it now at $1k (was intending to drop that tbh). Some random guy from America contacted me about how much to buy it now. I reminded him that there was a buy it now price but he could make an offer, he offered $1k+shipping and to continue talks over email so he could get more info.
So this just seems suss. What protections would I have from a PayPal chargeback or any similar scams?

Edit: ok so as I thought this would be a bad idea.
The same concerns would exist for Australian buyers though, no? Should I list as pick up only, because I doubt I'd have many buyers in Wollongong..

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  • Literally an entire section about it: https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/how-we-protect-sellers

    Also, don't sell it to someone abroad especially if not following due process outlined above.

    • eBay's policy doesn't have much in the way if guarantees for money, just feedback. I'm more worried about the money.

  • I've had this happen. Tried to get me to accept payment outside of eBay. I didn't go through with it of course.
    If he's asked to pay outside of eBay I would report him. If not I'd still not go through with it since it seems suspicious.

  • Don't ship overseas.

  • Ozzie only

  • What protections would I have from a PayPal chargeback?

    SFA = Sweet f*** all.

  • Not too sure, but some points I'd keep in mind. Do not let them purchase outside of Ebay, even if they send it through Paypal directly to you, they can still charge back, so you need to make sure you know where Paypal and Ebay covers you vs not covers you.

    Also if you do send it, make sure it has tracking, if a problem occurs you want a tracked information (which may include a photo) to prove you delivered it correctly to the buyer.

    Lastly maybe a video of everything going into the box/packaging, this may help a little if the buyer claims there's something missing or not what they purchased.

    • My plan was to just ship the box as is and sealed, as it's brand new laptop (i was accidentally sold and charged for two during black friday) so I could return it in the event of no sale. But I guess I should open it up and take video right before shipping, true.

  • No way a guy from the USA would want your second hand laptop and will be paying for it. Probably not even from the USA.

    You would be better off selling on Facebook Marketplace for cash face to face.

    • Brand new. But yeah seemed suss.

      • Come on

        . Not seems but it is 1001 percent.
        Ask yourself will you buy a laptop from random stranger from overseas? Is your laptop made from gold?

  • Didn’t someone here sell their phone to some random in the US via paypal, and buyer disputed (did not arrived BS) and basically meant gave the phone away and paid for shipping it too!

    Oh, yeah was offered top dollar for it too.

    Deja vu.

    Was too late for that OzBargainer…


  • US buyer = Scammer who's listed your listing on Craig's list/facebook etc and then is on-selling your product to their buyer in the states.

    They'll charge you back and pocket the profit twice.

  • Don't do it. Probably a scammer using a stolen credit card. When the owner of the credit card realises they will do a chargeback and there's nothing you can do.

  • You need to sell through ebay to get any of their protection. Do have a good look at the time limits, if you don't raise a dispute within a certain period there is no support, and some scammers are quite good at coming up with excuses for delaying action until it is too late.

    The other side is ebay don't want you going outside ebay to avoid their fees.
    I got a warning for messaging a local buyer that they could just go through the simultaneous gumtree ad, which I thought was a bit rough, since the only reason it was on ebay at all, was that I went with the option offered to automatically aslo list on ebay when I was putting the gumtree ad up.

  • anything like expensive laptops phones cameras should not be send out [pick up only] cash only they see it try it and pay for it on pick up , no coming back, taking a photo means nothing , you cant prove what you sent out , too many buyers say it does not work and send you back a different item. or change the hard drive or what ever they wanted.

  • also starting an auction at $500 as soon as someone bids $500 the buy it price goes away so you could get only $500 theres no reserves on laptops , why dont you just send it back by the time you pay ebay and paypal fees thats about 14%