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5TB Cloud Storage 1 Year for US$3.48 (~A$4.69) @ iDrive


Seems like a good deal. Normal price $69.50 USD per year.

Will be using it to backup my NAS until I grab another 14tb WD deal for setting up RAID

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  • Seems too good to be true. What's the catch?


    Wouldn’t be storing anything too important on there that’s nit backed up elsewhere…

  • I used to use this service years back, I stopped because it was messy to share data.
    People have to create an account if they want to access my shared data, I am not sure if this is still a requirement.

  • What's the point of storing it for a year just for them to increase the price next year?

  • I’ve been using idrive for work, we had it on over 50 servers. A few weeks ago, they all suddenly stopped backing up. It took a few weeks for resolution, and some mysteriously started working a few days after a ticket was created.

    We are looking at moving away - based on their support and on-going issues with the reliability of the backup service. A couple of times data was not available for restore, despite a backup being successful.

    If you plan on using this, I would strongly recommend using something else as well.

    Edit: we are on an enterprise plan and it’s a lot more than this offering.

    • "If you plan on using this, I would strongly recommend using something else as well."

      Not much point then is there? Get this then get another cloud backup because it's not reliable. Great advice, thanks dude.

      • Never trust a single backup.

        Even a single copy with a reliable provider still means a single point of failure e.g. account getting hacked and you're kicked out.

  • I use this for personal backup and used a similar deal when I signed up.
    Client works well on windows and does incremental backups.
    Android app is a little buggy and seems to ignore setting to only backup whole charging.

    For those concerned with data access, you can set your own encryption keys on the first backup.

    Upload speeds seem reasonable for Australia.

    Overall I would recommend this for personal backup.

    • you can set your own encryption keys on the first backup

      If they're creating the keys then there's every possibility they have a copy of your private key making it pointless.

      And if you're backing up anything that important you should be backing up an encrypted copy, not relying on the service encrypting it for you.

      • You set the keys locally on the pc.
        The data is encrypted before it leaves the pc
        If you forget the key you can't restore the data

  • Idrive …seems they might be wanting to get hits from apples icloud name ……no association with apple of course.

  • I signed up for I Drive in Sept last year, but cancelled it not longer after. The problem I found (they may have since resolved, I don't know) is that say if I lost my data and needed to restore from I Drive, then I couldn't restore exactly as it was per the latest backup. Specifically, let's say in the past you deleted a file, then that would get restored also, even though it is not part of the latest backup. So it ends up restoring any file that was backed up in a previous backup session, but was subsequently deleted. Also, if you renamed a file, it will restore the file as the old name and as the new name! I spoke to I Drive support who said that it was working as intended, so got a refund.