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½ Price Plumrose Canned Meat - e.g. Ham Leg 450g $5.25 @ Woolworths


Get your leg ham here. Wonder if this would make a good gift myself.

$2.90 Leg ham

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  • Canned ham - perfect for the retro 1960s/70s theme Christmas party!

  • Noting like cracking a can of fresh ham after a hard days work……wait

  • Too salty! Still prefers SPAM

  • Wonder if this would make a good gift for myself.


    OP, yes it would.

  • Are there any preservatives in canned leg ham besides salt?

    • canned food does not need any preservatives - the canning itself does that - salt is just for taste.

    • Pork (84%), Water, Salt, Acidity Regulator (451), Thickener (Carrageenan), Antioxidant (316), Colour Fixative (Sodium Nitrite).

    • if you're eating bottom of the barrell processed meat you have other issues besides preservatives

  • To be honest it's probably not much worse than the majority of the ham you get here in Australia. I've only found one brand as good as the top hams that you get in Europe, Pialligo Estate. You get it in Harris Farm. Their bacon is also amazing. The stuff you get in Woolies and Coles is horrendous.

    • I quite like the real ham-on-bone in Colesworth. It is nothing like the wet packaged sliced ham.
      As for the ham in the deli, it varies.

      Let's be honest, modern supermarket hams (the real on-the-bone at least) is better than traditional hams, because thanks to modern refrigeration, we don't need to dehydrate, smoke and salt it to death. (Tastes may differ.)

      For health reasons, I normally avoid processed meats, so half a leg of ham is a real Christmas treat.

  • Christmas explains why I see so many 3 legged pigs around