Best School with Main Focus on Sports

Hi folks,

I tried searching online and asked people around but could not find a suitable answer. May be I am asking too much but pls help if you know.

I am looking to put my boy (going to year 3) into a school where main focus is on sports - i.e. professional training and best coaching programs to teach kids sports to the best level possible.

I am mainly looking for cricket but soccer would also work as my kid loves both equally.

I am not against traditional studies and have a lot of respect for that. But I am after sports excellence - i.e. better sports traing for more activity level, fitness and immunity. Not pushing the kid to do extra if someone is feeling that way.

Yes, i can hire extra coaches or attend classes over weekend (currently doing that) but I feel students learn far too good if the school has focus on that subject.

Fee is not an issue - so public, private or grammar anything would work given they accept kids immediately (yeah I am dumb thinking that).

Thanks for the help and suggestions. Have a great week ahead.

Came from the land where ABD played

UPDATE: Thanks for your time and suggestions guys. I really appreciate the insights and I am mindful of kid's intrests and well being.

Was looking for a culture where kids are not being pushed for studies only and should opt for sports if they like.

Few good suggestions found. Will act on that and pormise I will not be douchebag to my kid.

@moderators you can close this thread. Pls.

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    Haven't heard of any schools here which really focus on sport. School sport here is generally not a high level, as those that are excelling are playing in club programs and often junior teams for professional clubs, and most wont have time for school sports due to risk of injuries etc..

  • Usually there's secondary schools with a focus on sports.

  • Agree with previous comment, at grade 3 level, I don't know of any school with a focus on sports.

    The best thing is to look at a club with focus on excellence and aim to qualify for Rep cricket, even at U12 level. Something that is not parent run, but has professional paid coaches at the junior level.

  • Endeavour High, Caringbah

  • Thanks for the replies guys. You are kind.

    The reason why I am looking for something like this is because mainly the area we are living in, there are not many kids around. If i compare with my upbringing, I had a full gang of kids to play after school.
    Secondly, it will be more fitness and immunity building in budding player at this age.

    But yeah, may be grade 3 is a stretch.

  • But I am after sports excellence.

    I feel for your kid.. in year 3 and already being pushed.

    Let the kid grow up and make up his mind.

    • Naah. Not pushing mate.

      Excellence in in terms of teaching, not expecting the kid to do extra stretch.

      But thanks for the concern.

  • Melbourne based?

  • The best thing at grade three is club sports on the weekend, which you are already doing.

    • He is going there and loves to do more. I have limited time during week so looking for some solution.

      • Solution is to make friends and timetable with parents alternating days.

        • Yeah tried that. Problem is kid attending a niche school in different suburb and most of the kids are coming for far fledged burbs.

          Gone to footy matches and few events with other parents but everyone has commitments I guess.

          But def the solution I am inclined and working on atm.



    A few high schools with strong sport academy or specialist programs, don't think they exist at primary school level.

    • Thanks for that mate.

      Yep, i will be going through that route for secondary. Much appreciated.

  • Maybe encourage your child to create a lunchtime cricket / soccer club with a like minded teacher. Then he can get his fix during school hours and meet new people with similar interests.

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    The kids 9yo

  • Don't choose an independent school. Your kid injured somehow and independent schools are answerable to no one, unless you can afford a better lawyer than them. At least with selective public schools everyone is answerable to the department of education, there's less incentive to try and cover stuff up.

    • If the child is injured at school, why is it the schools fault?

      This was never a thing when I attended school. If you hurt yourself and the school wasn't wilfully negligent then it was called an accident.

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    Nick Bollitieri Academy.

  • St Kevins Melbourne - it's all about sports with them

  • This is a rather odd question and no wonder you have had difficulty in finding the right answer.

    Schools are traditionally for the 3 R's… sport is an extra curricula activity. Schools do not have the resources to act as sporting facilities, nor do they have the time and expertise. They may compete between various schools in the immediate vicinity, but you are not looking at "competition level".

    Participating in a sport take many hours. Are you expecting a school to dedicate 2 hours per day to sport?

    Do you understand that there are sporting clubs your child may join in the community? These clubs cater specifically to the sport they are relate to. I suggest looking at your phone book.

    • Thanks for the reply mate.
      yep, I understand what you said here and yes i am absolutely looking for a school where they dedicate 2hr for sports. Rather odd but it was more of a wishful thinking.

      And yes, my boy already goes to a club and wants little more time for cricket/soccer.

  • Interesting article - How private schools have taken over the AFL

    25.6 per cent – of the players drafted to AFL clubs in 2017 came from the 11 schools who make up the APS, which also supplied four of the first five picked. That's just 11 schools from one state, out of 2755 Australian schools that run to year 12 (2018).

    The 11 schools are cradles of the country's owners and decision-makers: Melbourne Grammar, Scotch College, Geelong Grammar, Xavier College, Wesley College, St Kevin's College, Haileybury College, Caulfield Grammar, Brighton Grammar, Geelong College and Carey Grammar.

    • Thanks mate.
      I was looking at geelong grammar…man the waiting list :|

      I have one friend teaching at scotch. Shall try.