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[NSW] Leffe Blonde 330ml 24x 330ml $37.99 (in-Store Only) @ Premix King Punchbowl


Leffe Blonde 330ml 24x 330ml $37.99
Best before date is 12/12/2020, Still tastes perfect

Grab yourself a bargain


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  • No delivery option?

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      "In-store only"

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    Is Trent still there? In Punchbowl..?

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      You mean punchy, he's doing the rounds

    • Give me back my purse!

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    Good deal if you don’t mind chancing skunked beer

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      I've had beer years out of date with very little difference to flavour. Keep it in a cool dark place and it's fine.

    • Skunking in beer specifically refers to UV light interacting with the hops in solution. If the beer has been in the case since packaging skunking won't be an issue.

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    • 1484 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl NSW 2196

  • Great price, grabbed two boxes

    • Weren't they already closed at 11pm?

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        Grabbed them earlier, just wanted to provide the update :)

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    Someone must have really over ordered on Leffe Blonde based on all the recent deals.

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      I actually prefer basic Aussie beers i.e. Carlton draught over these.

      Checks out Profile Picture
      Yep seems bout right

  • What is the usual price for a slab?

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      $64 for a 0 pack if you buy from hellodrinks……

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        $64 for 0 ….bargain!

    • a lot more… i think normal price is $100 .. i've gotten them on sale for $60 at times

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    Just got a case, best before is 10/12.
    About 30 or so in stock.

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      Hey MrApFc, enjoy the beer. Currently have 60 cases in shop but have another 8 pallets available. we should be able to run the special all month.

      • oops apologies on the miscount ! I will be back.

      • If only you shipped to Vic!

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          its something we are working on, meanwhile some of our stores in Vic are taking stock and should be sent down this week. Where are you located?

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    Bugger would jump on this if it was gold coast

    • I'd get 3 cases if Delivered to SE QLD.

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    I have a feel they couldn't sell these for $100 they charge and best before date crept up to them, ah well

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    and I thought $50 per carton delivered from hellodrinks was unbeatable… I received a couple of cartons last week from what seems to be the same batch and the beers are absolutely fine. There is always a risk though even though some beers can last with no noticeable issues long after their best before…

  • Max doughies in the gravel near Lidcombe staych

  • Great bargain. Grabbed 2.

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    Grabbed 2 cases and got into them last night - they're fine.. :-).

  • Got one today thanks. Great(est?) Deal!

  • Got three cases for myself and one for a mate! Beer deal of the year?!

  • hi do you still have any box available?

    • yes, we got another 2 pallets

      • thanks. is that still best before 10/12/2020? i believe taste still good?

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          This lot is 12/12 and yeah tastes great as you can see from the above comments. We have sold hundreds without a single complaint. You are always welcome to refund if you aren’t happy with the taste. they will be fine for another 6-12 months tbh

          • @Hayesy22: thanks address please?

            • @Ash83: 1484 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl NSW 2196

  • thanks address please?

    • 1/1484 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl NSW 2196

  • Are there any left?

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      Yeah, just got another pallet today

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        cheers. I got two. Excellent beer, I will come back for more.