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40% off Outlet @ adidas Outlet + 8% Cashrewards Cashback


Get an extra 40% already reduced styles at adidas.com.au/outlet, plus get 8% cash back via Cashrewards.

Mod Edit: Store rep has informed us that cashrewards cashback is also via desktop, fixed wording.

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  • Restocked most of items , great

    • +7

      Really? I don't see much change at all…

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    How can you get free shipping?

    • Spend over $100 for free shipping

  • Are their mens shoe sizes listed as AU size or US size?

    • Is AU size = UK size? I thought they list US sizes.

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        Yes, AU size = UK size to my knowledge

        • +1

          Why so many negs? LOLOLOL even the person who asked the question SAD

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      US size. We barely use AU sizes here in Australia and tends to use US size more often in shoe stores for some reason.

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        Sports shoes = US
        Dress Shoes = UK

        WTF = AU

        BEST = EU

      • because they're made overseas.

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        for some reason.

        How many shoes are made in Australia? Global economy means theyre made in one location for all markets.

        That said, sizes are at best an indication, shoe shape and foot shape can mean +- 2 sizes. Last time I saw a sale online whilst travelling, I dropped into an Adidas store in HK, tried the shoe for size and ordered online (whilst instore) for delivery back home.

        • I was going to reply with something like this but you've explained it well.

          • @andresampras: Forgot to mention that products that are made in Australia are usually for export (all the diff brands of Uggs), so it makes little sense to use AU sizing anyways.


      Order your US size!

    • Use the cm or EUR sizing… The rest are usless

  • -1

    No all black options apart from Duramo which suck. That's a shame :( Otherwise would be great for wearing to work.

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    Plz don't make me use the app. Phone browsing is the worst!

    • +1

      On pc and still 8%, didn't mention you need to use cashrewards app to get 8%.

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    not many size 9s :(

  • 3 pairs of runners/sneakers for $117 delivered (not inc. cash back). Can't go wrong!

  • Man I've been patiently waiting for the 'Hoosiers' NCAA Ultraboosts to come back in stock for months! :-(

  • Brah the app sucks big time.

  • Man, I did not need more sneakers…

  • anyone having isues with creditr card.. but my cards are failing saying error while doing the payment from phone app.

    When i try on laptop it says "PAGE NOT FOUND BUT NEVER STOP TRYING"

    • I'm getting "Reference Error: 18.ed548795.1607392768.663d492" Where they think I'm a bot.

  • Can someone recommend good Addidas shoes for regular jogging? Ultraboost is great but wondering if any cheaper collection is good too?

  • Holy cow. $63.10 delivered for all white stan smiths excluding cashback! Sadly none my size (9.5) and I already got a pair I never wear.
    edit :4,5,6,8,9,10,11,11.5,12,13 available at the time of this comment

  • What's the best way to use the adidas gift card from medibank? They don't stack with other discounts so the savings are minimal…

    • Also tried. The egift card is a promo code :/

  • Awesome. Picked up a pair of Stan Smiths for my wife at $56. Thanks OP.

  • Still waiting for my order since 24th NOV…

    • Don't tell me that, that's a longggggg wait

      • True, no ideas what happened to them, no further email except the order confirmation.

        • Wouldn't be surprised if they cancel all or part of your order like they did with mine.
          What's even more annoying is that this also means cashback is invalid.

  • I placed an order for 3 pairs of shoes, my Cashback tracked for the 3 pairs shortly after. Unfortunately adidas sent a follow up email not long after that, that they would have to refund me for 1 of those pairs as it is not in stock due to inventory error.
    Does anyone know that if due to them cancelling 1 of my 3 pairs, will that void my cashback after the 95 day period?

  • What's the returns process like? I see it has free returns for change of mind

    • My return of a single pair of shoes took 3 months before I got my money refunded. YMMV.

  • Nice. I got these. $200 down to $92.50 + 8% cashback.

  • Does not let me proceed to cart and buy because aparrently I am a bot. Ha.

  • An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience.

  • +1
    1. Make sure you turn off your adblocker (I completely forgot about that) bad for tracking cashback and also adidas website does not like that.
    2. If you a a runner, have a look at adizero. Their Boston 8 is almost the same as 9! No need to pay extra for 9.
    3. 40% off seems to work sitewide.
  • Ignore this

  • Put off from shopping with Adidas online store after they took more than two weeks to cancel half my order before shipping it.

  • Why 40% off again?! 😅 I just bought 3 pairs from the last sale, then too many Nikes, New Balances and activewear during Black Friday. Even if I work out 3 times a day, I still won't be able to go through all this stuff. I guess I have to start wearing them to my Teams meetings to get my money's worth.

  • Thanks OP. Got 3 pairs of shoes delivered for $100. Unbelievable value!

    • Which three did you order for $100?

      • +1

        A pair of Duramo 9 and 2 pairs of Continental 80 black for kids as school shoes.

  • Try "SNAP30" code, it applies 30% off your whole order as opposed to just sale items, which in my case worked out to be a better price since I wasn't just purchasing already reduced products.

  • Nice one!

  • Got my order already

    • may I ask when you ordered? :D

      • +1

        3 pairs of shoes

        Usually adidas take a few weeks. Surprised it came so fast ( that’s what she said )

  • Tried three pairs of shoes with the code however none were further discounted for some reason(all were already discounted as per the post details)?

    • Added cheaper pair in and the discount was applied to the cheaper pair, it seems that the 40% is not applied to all discounted shoes as stated in the post. thanks

  • Bought my first pair of NMD's. Just got my order yesterday.

    Color: Core Black / Core Black / Signal Green
    was $200 down to $140 then $84 after discount

    then added a TREFOIL TEE to reach minimum free shipping (barely)
    was $40 down to $28 then $16.80 after discount

    Total: $100.80 free express? shipping + cashback
    not behd.

  • Has anyone’s orders been shipped? I ordered on 8th and it still says “order confirmed awaiting to be packed”. I never got a confirmation email but I can see it’s confirmed when I log into adidas.

    • +1

      Still waiting too

    • received

  • Holy… How long does this deal last for?

    • rip it's over :( I wanted some supercourts

      • i think there's a new code for extra 30% off outlet. EXTRA30

        • +1

          Yeah! I saw that coming too. Also, they have a seller's account with eBay which turns out to be cheaper than the website including shipping for >$100 products. shhh our little secret here.

  • I got my order yesterday 😊

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