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Hikvision Hilook 4x 4MP Turret Kit with 4CH NVR $589 (WAS $899) + Delivery @ Star Sparky Direct


Hikvision Hilook 4 x 4MP Turret Kit with 4CH NVR

  • High quality imaging with 4 MP resolution
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology to save bandwidth and storage
  • Clear imaging against strong back light due to 120 dB true WDR technology
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)
  • 3D DNR technology delivers clean and sharp images
  • Easy installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology
  • 4CH 4xPoE Plug & Play 4K NVR
  • Third-party network cameras supported
  • 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, HMDI up to 4K (3840x2160)
  • 4ch network cameras with 40M bandwidth
  • Up to 1 SATA interfaces
  • Plug & Play with up to 4 independent PoE
  • Support VCA detection and VCA search
  • Support H.265+/H.264/MPEG4 formats
  • Support mobile monitoring via Hik-Connect
  • Product Dimension: 315 x 240 x 48 mm

* 1 x 4 Channel PoE (NVR 104MH-C/4P),
* 4 x 4MP IP Turret (IPC-T240H-MU)

Save from 30% on Hikivision and Dahua Security System Kit HERE

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  • -1

    No hard drive ?

  • +2

    Does not include ammo. Not buying.

  • I don't think they looked up the definition of hick before deciding on their company name:

    A person who lives in the country, regarded as being unintelligent or parochial.

    • What if that word bear no meaning in their home country?

  • FYI, these cameras are rubbish, very easy to reflect when installing near wall/eave/ceiling, the reflection causes flare and blurry at night Bought the exact version but made by HIKVision, never again! With the same type HIKVISION cams, the cables are very unreliable, just abit of bending and twisting will cause permanent failure.

    What you want is the EXIR technology not these low end rubbish and the "normal" HIKVISION" types not low end ones, save your money and time!

    • -1

      20fps is low

    • Can you see the EXIR infra red LEDs at night? I've got a Kogan camera that might as well be a Xmas tree!

      • I've got a Kogan camera that might as well be a Xmas tree!

        How much is it?

        Need more Xmas lights…

        • $39 - $15 promotion. Then a full refund (as a credit) as the SDCard doesn't stay in.

          Sadly, I'm thinking about putting it in the middle of a led santa to hide it.

  • +2

    "in October 2019, the Department of Commerce placed both Hikvision and Dahua on a blacklist that prohibits U.S.-based businesses from exporting their products to the companies over their alleged involvement in human rights violations carried out by the Chinese government."


    • -1

      Wrong Hikvision

    • +1

      It had zero to do with human rights abuses - it was during a trade dispute and it just prohibits Hik and Dahua from being used in federal government procurement.

    • -2

      It is dumb to believe US's lie these days.

    • Oh good so they're field tested….

  • +1

    I wonder if playback in the browser still requires that hard-to-install-into-modern-browsers plugin.

    • +2

      It's a pain in the arse. Have to use IETAB chrome extension with mine to get it to work. dont know if they still use it…

  • My experience with Hikvision support for our work system is poor. If you don't have a security installer ID (or whatever they call it) they'll tell you to go get f**ked if you need support. They refuse to deal with end users at all, even to answer basic question.

    Also their iVMS-4200 software is awful (granted, so is basically everything else I've used outside of Blue Iris)

    Pretty unfortunate because I was looking at some of their gear for home.

  • I have a full Dahua kit with high end cameras. Yes, quality is better, but what do you do with these pictures that require you to have sharp details and good night vision. Police will do bugger all with it, maybe post on Facebook.
    I got a perfect night shot of plates of a couple that stole my neighbours van and they never saw the van again and nobody was charged.
    A friend from work got a 6 camera kit from ebay and quality is pretty decent day and night. Not superzoom, but I would probably buy that kit instead of mine