If Anyone's Still Struggling to Get a RTX 3080 There's a Discord Notifier Bot!

Hey not sure if this is allowed but just wanna help if anyone's still struggling to get a 3080. I managed to secure a RTX 3080 Eagle today using a discord bot my friend sent me an invite to that notifies you when a card is in stock similar to the Twitch stream but it's specific for Australia. They currently have PC Case Gear and Umart but are apparently adding 10+ more stores soon. You might have some luck there :)

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/7Qxu2R6mBT


  • Thanks been looking for something like this!!!

    • no worries man, got one just in time to play Cyberpunk :P

  • Not trying to troll but are the prices still above RRP?

    • -2

      For some stores yeah, for major stores its stayed pretty much the same (Mwave, PCCG etc.).

  • +2

    Cool. Good job on the bot. Not to steal your thunder

    I highly recommend https://distill.io/. (Or Google distill extension)

    You can download the extension for chrome/firefox. Leave your pc on with it running and it does send notifications to where you want, phone / email / etc. All my mates got there 3080s using it. I'm holding out for my 3080tuf though. :)

    Good luck

    • Not at all. Is it a free? Haven't heard of this before but I'm sure its also a good option :D

      • +3

        Yes free. Good luck.

        Also, people that neg me for sharing useful information are really leaches in life. Good luck hunting everyone.

    • I think I got IP banned from centrecom for using the extension, I cant even access it now

      • If you set the refresh rate to fast and are hammering their site they might do that. Usually IP bans last for a day to a week.

        You can always use a vpn to get around it. :)

        Set the refresh to something not so demanding, like 5mins

  • +7

    Unfortunately they have gone pay $19 a month to use this notifier bot now with only PC case gear is free. Guess it was good while it lasted.

  • +2

    Can we start a post for invite referrals to get to 5? Or is that against rules etc. ?

    • Keen for something like this, I'm getting desperate for a new card

  • Literally full scamaz.

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