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NetGear Orbi AX4200 Triband Mesh Wi-Fi 6 - RBK752 2 Pack - $582 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Looks to be a very good price for the recently released mesh router.

Local store are selling them around $850, so this is a great price.

I'm tossing up between this, or going cheaper with the deco x20 ($333, 3pk), or Netgear Mk63 ($346, 3pk). Probably getting this one considering the backhual. Although I don't game or stream so not sure why this one, - just in case..

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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  • I have the non-WIFI6 version of this in a "difficult" apartment, and it's so much better than any other top-end router we tried it's ridiculous. The backhaul setup is brilliant.

  • Gosh that is a great price for this!

  • Great price…wanted it a lot but never came this low finally I settled with Asus XT8

  • Fantastic Price - would love to buy this but don't have access to The Good Guys Commercial

  • Sorry for the newbie question : would this be a good investment for a new install 100/30 or 150/50 service for a couple of years before GB speeds hit or area and prices drop.
    Currently on 30/3 90$ a month service with speed drop of around 15/20 from one end of house too other and looking at something that gives great coverage and going too to stay relevant for a few years cheers

    • Great investment at $582! - I run a 1000/50 service at home on the old RBK50 - over wifi I get 650mbps~ down, this would get me the whole 1000 if I upgrade. wifi transfers at 55MB/s from PC to NAS. The ORBI AX should transfer at about 100MB/s - if you need this. RBK50 prices, when not on sale, it is around the same price as this.

      edit - Forgot to add - the range is amazing on these.

      • Cheers thanks for the great feedback, $582 is quite alot of money for me personally right now, but as saying goes …. poor man pays twice .
        So absolutely interested in this or something near as good

  • How do you access Goodguys Commercial?

    I have the RBK50 and for a very large two story house with a router downstairs and a satellite upstairs I get great coverage but due to price haven't upgraded to wifi 6 yet. This price is very tempting but have no idea how to access GG Commercial.

    • There is a list on ozbargain somewhere with all the unions that have GG included in their membership, I just paid $50 annual membership of the holiday parks site which is on the list, assuming that I should save at least $50 over a year buying stuff off gg

    • I got access to TGG Commercial via Sunsuper

  • Ahhh… Thanks for that. I'll check it out.

  • Will I be able to connect the 1st gen RBRXX to these?
    ie are they backwards compatible?

  • Great deal. Just ordered. Thanks OP. By the way I tried a price match at JB and TGG and they couldn't even get close.

    • I just pulled the trigger and bought de JB with price matched. Also got Sony 9500h. 65" $2350 delivered.

      From North Sydney store.

  • Pulled the trigger! Let's see if this helps with the dead spots in my apartment.

  • i was thinking of this or Netgear Nighthawk MK62 AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System