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800 Primo Gems for Free (Save $18) @ Genshin Impact


Found this on their Twitter. Same as the 800 they gave out previously for getting game of the year on App Store and google play store.

$18 of value for free. Enough for 5 wishes.

Dear Travelers,

With your support, Genshin Impact was nominated for the "Best Mobile Game" and "Best Role Playing" categories at The Game Awards 2020.

We will be giving out 800 Primogems from December 12 to December 15. Thank you all for standing by us!

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  • +2

    Going to be the same as before, 200 per day.
    By the way don't claim while in air. I learnt it hard way, claimed 60 for gliding event and got nothing.
    This game does not have any in game support. Sad Face

  • +4

    Meanwhile, me be buying Google play cards on discount to pay for $15 battle pass and $8 monthly item. My ozbargain heart would have insta-bought the $160 primogems packages for $ <$100AUD when the Brazilian VPN top-up was a thing.

    • 10% off at WWS this week and buy with zippay 10% off. so $80 last you half year.

      • +2

        More like half a banner :'(

    • I did the same…..

    • where did you buy discount google play cards?

  • Need better 5* rate too…

  • +7

    dang old chinese cartoon arcade games

  • After the "ham maggot" incident I first read it as free Primo germs :P

  • +2

    ”ehe te nandayo !”

    (this is what computer experiences when being attacked by stuknet virus)

  • +3

    Woohoo!!! Love this game… currently AR47.. can't stop bloody playing it!

    • +1

      Yeah it's great! I'm still AR35. Gearing/levelling properly before I do the world level quest.

      • +1

        That's the way… focus on just a few characters and save those XP books for your next 5 star.

  • +18

    Resist spending on these kind of games. It's very addictive and will only get worse. I had a bad experience that is too shameful to talk about. Thousands of dollars were lost

    • I’m interested to hear about it. Have you ever written about it?

      • +10

        Okay, check back tomorrow

        • I will

        • hello hello, we're here for storytime~

    • +2

      For me it's easy. Out of region playstore games mean you simply can't do any microtranscstion.

      Just need to rely on your skill, or the skill of third parties give a little boost when your new.

      • Just need to rely on your skill

        Yes I used to play Farmville on Facebook many years ago, I had too much skill and was a billionaire (in Farmville currency) towards the end I was just collecting limited items which would appear randomly, the currency was useless (I guess some silly people would buy currency to get ahead with zero skill).

    • -1

      you control your own wallet not the game

      • +4

        Cool story, do "poker machine addicts just need more willpower" next

        • -3

          Please dont give excuses to gambling addicts and in this case its for freaking digital goods

          • -1

            @Freestyle: Wow, can't believe you actually did it

            It was a sarcastic 'Christ, how out of touch are you" comment but you doubled down

            Bravo I guess

            • -2

              @GrueHunter: oUt oF tOuCh

              sorry I dont have any remorse for gamblers and those who blame others for their problems, stop comparing it to an actual disease/virus

              • -1

                @Freestyle: Yeah, what would "scientists" and "doctors" and "psychologists" know, with all their so-called "qualifications" and "research".

                Maybe you'd like to do "people with depression just need to think more happy thoughts" for an encore? You're already down in that hole of titanic stupidity, you might as well keep on digging.

                • -1

                  @GrueHunter: again you compare something to completely unrelated

                  people like you encourage idiotic behavior like gambling

                  'dw mate its not your fault! gamble away!'

                  • @Freestyle: Admitting that gambling behaviors (or addictions of any sort) are difficult to shake isn't the same as encouraging gambling lol.

                    Lots of loot box systems/slot machines..etc are specifically designed to get you addicted (which as mentioned above is kinda hard to shake, do some reading yourself if you'd like to understand why/how)

                    At least this game has a pity system :^)

                  • -1

                    @Freestyle: I do “mate, gambling is bad but it’s not your fault so I can’t judge you, can I help you find some support” but then again I’m also not an angry little tw*t who denies science on the one hand and feels the need to kick people when they’re down on the other. You do you though, champ.

    • Fate Go?

  • +6

    Misread title as 800 Potato Gems for free.

    • +1

      I read Primo and immediately thought about bacon..

      • +1

        Gemmies and bacon would be a great meal.

    • Funnily enough they're worth about the same

  • I tried getting into this game so hard, but it just would not have it. Never saw so much as a splash screen on my PC, even though it's waaaay above the minimum spec

    • Could always give it a spin on mobile or PS4 (if you have one).

    • only need to use PC for the harder contents. Everything apart from abyss can be done on phone

      • Hard content? I do everything on my iPhone.

        Just shame the ping is so slow for the America server. Choose Asia server for faster ping. :(

        • actually NA is has lower ping then asia in general.

          • +1

            @danieroo: Interesting. Cos my average ping on the America server is 250ms.
            While I've heard the Asia server is around 150ms.

            • @DisabledUser175296: Ive actually created 2 accounts on both servers, america is always better than asia servers in almost every scenario. especially in genshin. for oz players, def america it has the better ping even if just slightly

              • @danieroo: Yep, which is why I went with America. Ping response time isn't really a factor in this game anyway I think?! … unless you're over 500ms then you might start to be impacted.

                • @Mingles: When I hit over 350ms I start seeing lag. May be that's just me. Thankfully it usually maxes out at around 280ms and usually sits at around 230ms. But my icon still shows up in the red. :(

            • @DisabledUser175296: I get in the 120-130 ping range in Asia from Melbourne, haven't tried NA

        • Asia is 320 NA is 220

          bit sad i chose NA and cant play with anyone but to be fair there’s barely any coop and the coop experience is leagues better

          • @Freestyle: Jump on my Discord server. Add me in-game.

            • @DisabledUser175296: ps. im still in asia server only because RNG god blessed me with better characters when i was rerolling

              • @danieroo: haha. I had the opposite experience.

                I started on Asia server, got garbage. So thought I'll try the America server and got Mona in one of the two beginner wish pulls.

    • +1

      I had a similar problem, my issue was with the c runtime, this might help https://forums.mihoyo.com/genshin/article/19430

  • +1

    Holding all the Gems for Xiao. Good luck.

    • +2

      I’m in for even a longer wait with Ayaka :P

      14k so far

  • +1

    Small plug for my Discord server.

    Everyone is welcome. We have players on Asia server and America server happy to do co-op runs.

    Invite link: https://discord.gg/invite/puEnysbAEZ

  • G3TQQ6TOQME for 100 Primogens and 5 Hero's Wit

  • +4

    3 codes
    5KVeIbSxDUU 100 primogems + 10 mystic enhancement ore
    G3tQq6TOqmE 100 primogems + 5 hero's wit
    eATDgIXLD56 100 primogems + 50000 mora

  • at 90 pity pulls with a 50% for the 5* character, it ends up being around 180 pulls for a 100% chance,
    with 5 pulls worth with the free primogems we end up with 5/180 pulls needed: ~2.8% of the way there

    If this is $18's worth, then $18 x 180/5 means you'd need to pay $648 (aside: welkin's blessing is cheaper right?) for a guaranteed 5* on the banner
    I dunno about you but I definitely think this is a bit of a rort…

    (hopefully my maths isn't wrong, also I know it's speculated the soft pity rate starts at ~75)
    I think the game's good, but not $648 for one banner character good!

    • Ha! You haven't played other gachas where there's zero pity to guarantee you the featured unit.

      In saying so, anyone new to gacha games should be aware that one should not being aiming/trying to pull every unit. Rather, should save their in-game credits to pull for only units they really like. Or set a hard limit like $10/month (or the extreme, not spend anything) and pull in every banner and have the resolve to be happy and move on regardless of whether they managed to pull the new unit or not.

      If you're someone who cannot control their spending. I would recommend you avoid all gacha games. It's a blackhole.

      • Actually I have played a gacha with no pity mechanic, but it had generous rates so it wasn't an issue

        Yeah look, I'm just expressing my opinion that I think these types of monetization are just too extreme.
        To get everything unlocked it would cost multiple times more than all the DLC in train simulator on steam! Not to mention its timed exclusivity.

        Look, I know this monetization works for the companies, and the game is very well made, I still think it's a bit too far in the monetization method.

        • I agree with you in terms of the whole gacha monetization model.

          Just saying that the rates are better than the industry standard (if you can call it that).

          I'm not sure which gacha game you're referring to. I've played a few and for a new gacha game, these are very good odds.

          I have noticed older ones give you better rates cos they have so many units, etc. on offer and the company would have already recouped their investment. So it's more or less to keep people playing the game.

          A very good example demonstrating this is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and its new counterpart FFBE War of the Visions. One can easily pull the 6* units, etc. in FFBE. It's a slightly different story in WOTV. I've seen YouTube pull videos of YouTubers spending thousands and still not managed to pull the new unit. Pulling the unit is only half the equation. Once you pulled the unit, the unit is practically useless. You need to fork out another ~$150 to buy shards to make the unit semi-usable. To make the unit useful, you're looking at another $300+.

        • Generous rates doesnt mean anything because its still around the 1% mark

  • How do we get this?

    • You should get an inbox message to claim 200 primogems each day, just like the previous 800 primogems hand out they did recently.

  • Do you need Adventure Rank 10 for this? The other deals seem to need it. I was going to hold out until the Switch version is released, just getting the primo gems in advance, but I decided to try it on Android just now. It's the best mobile game I've played, and the first 3D game I've tried in ages. Still better on PC and consoles, of course.

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