Need Help Choosing a PSU

You know when you have so much information running around inside your head that you can't make a decision? yeah, that!

I need help choosing a quality PSU, budget around ~$120 and ~600Watts

I am slowly putting together a new budget build, allrounder+TV+movies+gaming.

I already have: i5 10400F + 16Gb Ram + H410m HDV/M2 + GTX 1060 + 3TB HDD
I need to get: nvme ssd + Case + PSU
Early-mid 2021, I will upgrade the GPU to maybe RTX3070 or similar

So, after reading many reviews, posts, and Tier lists I decided to buy an XBOX still can't choose a PSU.
Some posts/reviews says a particular PSU is good others say it's not so good:
Possible PSU's include:
Be Quiet Pure Power 11 600W
Evga GD 600W Gold
SilverStone 650W Strider 80+ Gold Power Supply (ST65F-GS V1.1)

If anyone here can give me suggestions I would appreciate it, please include technical reasons for your choice if you can.

(Thanks Mod for ruining the Analysis Paralysis Joke)

edit: Finally went with a Bitfenix Whisper 650W Gold for $119 (online then pickup) from Mwave. This psu appears to be tier 1 AND it's got a 7 year Warranty.