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10% off TCN The KIDS Gift Cards @ Target


Target has an unadvertised special (do share if you are able to spot any ad) - 10% off TCN THE KIDS Card. There were $30 and $50 KIDS cards at my local target and they were 10% off. I tried bunch of other cards (Him, Her, ultimate, teens etc) but the price check showed regular price on other cards with no discount so don't bother with other cards.
There is no special price tag as well.
Combine with 10% cashback via GPay/Apple Pay using Zip Visa card (don't mention anything about Zip to cashier - just pay as usual with card but using GPay/Apple Pay). You will need to go to assisted checkout so that's a bummer due to weekend rush.

Go fly my friends to Target.. fly :) Happy Hunting.

Credit to @popsiee for mentioning this in Zip 10% cashback Saturday deal-

This is how the card looks - https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/the-kids-card
Valid at JB Hi-Fi, Nike, H&M, Foot Locker, XBOX (don't know which store would that be), Platypus, SurfDriveNSki, Hype, booktopia, The Athlete's foot, ToyWorld and Adidas

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  • stay away from TCN for now, you better check on their Facebook page to see why. unless you have time and efforts + money to spare for frustration

    • Really? These are the same card that were on sale @ Coles and @ BigW earlier and currently at Woolies. Look at those threads and see how much popular they are.

      • be careful too, you cannot eliminate any possibilities, sales jump from store to store could be a new way of 10-pots-with-just-9-lids situation where latter spenders would suddenly become the biggest losers if it ever burts

    • Just checked FB but still dont know why…? they only have posts prior to October now and no comments

  • do not buy any TCN card!

    • Why? What are the issues? These are the same kind of cards discounted at Coles & Big W and currently at Woolies.

      • read their Facebook page for concerns, plus they has removed support phone number from website, lack of support from customer services with cards suspended/not usable etc.

      • look at what’s happened on the restaurant card. They keeps removing places where you can use the card, they also removed cafes from the list . For now you can’t even check where you can use the card on their website. For the restaurant card, you use it once in a place, then they will ban that place… for now it’s extremely hard for you to find a place to use the card.

        Please keep in mind that TCN cards are prepaid gift card. You pay them money in advance. They just sell these cards with discount to make people buy these card but won’t let people use the money. I’m feeling they will take all these money away and then start the bankruptcy process.

        • exactly what I was thinking too, I already notified media to run deeper investigations based on gathered info. it would not surprise me there are lot of people gonna have a very shitty Christmas because of TCN

    • Obviously this is all anecdotal - and that's important for people to be aware of - but I can say that I had no problem using $900 worth of TCN HIM/HER cards in a single JB Hifi purchase recently.

      It sounds like mileage varies greatly on these.

  • Holy moly yeah check out the fb comments!

  • I just used $600 of them to save $90 off an Xbox Series X…no complaints here :)

    • depends on when you got those cards and what types, if you don't believe us then go check on their Facebook page and try to get more and see how it goes

  • This is there offical page right ?


      • Ooops. Went out for TCN card hunting this morning and unluckily (read luckily) couldn’t find any. And now I am happy that there was none.

        • Opposite i have my $1500 of 19% off cards and of which I had the pleasure of using $800 at JB HI FI :)

          I wonder who the winner of both of us is lol

          • @popsiee: Still 700$ left unused though. Don’t be too sure until you have used it :p

            Jokes aside based on the other comments I think it’s probably the newer batch of the cards are affected. Did you buy yours recently? Regardless I do hope that no one loses there money. And for me, I would rather be safe than sorry.

            • @Anonymous101: It's not that dangerous. You hear people have this or that problems, you don't hear more and more people that having no issue and enjoying the discount.

  • My gut feeling tells me that this is going to be scandalous, all involved retailers would soon have to deal with a flood of refunds and complaints. Simply put, how can you afford to run 10-15% discount from store to store, week after week without losing money? Unless this is the case where first buyers enjoy the fruits while latter buyers have to pay for that. I got stuck with the latest batch of cards now, not a recommended experience to be honest. Lucky enough that my earlier bigger discounts would compensate for this loss if it is a case of administration soon.

    • Are you thinking ponzi?

      • yes, clever tactic too coz investors would be more suspicious and careful these days, not so with … majority of consumers where all they can see is bigger than normal discounts

  • About as smart as buying Dick Smith gift cards in December 2015

    • this is worse, this is a fraud coated in legitimate outfits run through all big retailers one by one. they cleverly planned for this as a group, with the intention of exploitation - gift cards not refundable.

  • I’ve had over $3000 worth of TCN cards in last month and had no issues with any. Used all in JB

    • as I said, first batches would be ok, now is too late as it is coming to an end of it to expose self as a fraud by using latter spenders' money to honour/pre-gift first batches of buyers

      • Mate I think you need to see a real therapist

        • only time can tell, go ahead and buy some now if you want. it wouldn't affect the first few batches just so people would still help them market the sales to roll out more cards for sales to the point they have to stop honouring them because money are being plugged out

      • I used $200 worth on Friday, zero issues.

  • the person possibly behind this TCN is named R.H.

    • I mean, they have 9 employees on LinkedIn and the person with the initials RH has on his profile "Co-Founder at TCN".

      I'm not sure what the big conspiracy is here..

      • I never buy things in Australia that not able to use them without ability of refund so far, except this TCN company where money spent and your cards are not usable. Please tell me, would not not suspect any fishy and/or dodgy thing(s) going on? Then, when you contacted them so many times without response, even took it on their Facebook page, yet they still ignore you and block and delete all no so good comments about them. Please tell, which decent Au company/business would do such things?

  • Bought a few last time, no major issues.

  • My restaurant tcn used to work at McD and some bread store, but now no longer working. Having said that when i looked at tnc, it says no fast food or quick serve restaurant. So to be fair, looks like they're trying to fix whatevs stated in tnc. Hoping that they won't go fraudulent or bankrupt.

  • This was recently on the forums: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/590268

  • Just buy and use it. Don’t hold onto it basically. Or swap it for jb gc if you allowed

  • Over $1000 of my cards are currently suspended.

    There is no phone support and they don't respond to emails.

    I stupidly paid via Coles GC so can't even do chargeback. I bought 3 today from woolies and immediately used them as soon as they were active but cursing the day when I bought them from Coles.

    Totally f***d up

    • What do you mean with suspended? Balance still $0? And you still had another purchase?

      • Someone posted that a bunch of people took cards from the shelves at woolies and purchased them at Coles for the 15% discount.

        Obviously the company has some level of tracking of where the cards were sent to, so they suspended those cards purchased from a different company to where the stock was sent.

      • Balance shows $100 but the status is suspended. I have asked for a reason time and again but there is absolute silence. They are not contactable via phone, so don't know what can be done when the payment was via gift cards.

    • They said they had a limit? You went double the limit?

      I get the upset obviously though.

    • so your most recent purchase from wws works fine, those you brought from coles last week all suspended?

    • You bought giftcards with coles GC? I thought they didn't allow this.

    • I thought you couldn't purchase gift cards with Coles gift card as they closed that loophole?

      Back on topic, I bought 2 x $100 TCN Him/Her with the 10% discount at WW- used it at JB hifi on Wed no issues. But reading the comments glad that I managed to use mine and will be staying away from them for a while until the mess is sorted out!

  • Im curious why you wouldnt just get a prepaid visa vs this when theyre at normal price?

  • Deal also includes the seemingly less objectionable Catch, Spotify and Google Play cards:

    Edit: objectionable, not injectable. I don't think any of these are suitable for intravenous use.

  • It might depends on where and when you purchase the TCN. Bought $500 at Woolies Canberra on Thursday, fund loaded within one hour. But highly recommend anyone who purchased use them ASAP, or just transfer to the JB GC using their return policy.

  • I got my TCN gift card purchase cancelled as they requested photos of my government ID and credit card, which I declined. Been chasing them up for 8 weeks now but they have not responded!

  • hi OP were you the one who was sweeping away all the TCN cards at Target Cannington earlier ?

  • If anything goes wrong would Coles give me a refund?