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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [PS3 or Xbox 360] - $36 + $8 Shipping - GAME.co.uk


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  • Sold out of Xbox 360 :(

    • i was really excited until i saw your comment. Bloody sold out in 10min :(. Thanks for headsup anyway.

      • I loaded on into the basket successfully and look at it in the checkout. Does it tell you "out of stock" after that?

        • Keep trying. At mid day the status said 'in stock' but popped up 'not available' when I clicked 'buy'. Sometimes it would appear in my cart only to disappear during payment. It took about 30 attempts before it put my order through.

    • I just ordered one for xbox 360 with the first attempt…

  • +1

    awwwwwwhhh… pc is more expensive! (45 bux plus!)

    • I picked mine up for $42.99 as a pre order from ozgameshop, I'm sure they can do better :)

  • Do they deduct VAT?

    • This is what has scared me off…..

      They charge vat of almost 4 pounds, then dont give an accurate delivery fee…. just a band of 2.95-4.95 pounds, and then ask for credit card.

      A shame because I would have bought a copy for sure otherwise. The site needs much clearer final price before asking for payment details.

      • Thought they accept paypal but can't see how you choose it.

  • In case they get more: are Xbox games region-locked?

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      it's UK it's all PAL (will work in in AU)

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      They can be but many are not. In most cases where they are, we are the same region as UK. Unfortunately there is no simple answer and each game should be checked.

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        Can confirm my UK copy works fine on steam (not from game.co.uk though)

  • I ordered one at 12.30pm (QLD time) for £27.44 (pound). It's a 1 day sale from their advent calendar.

    You could try http://www.gamestation.co.uk/gs/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-8...? if it's out of stock at game.

  • Still stock on PS3, just bought one. Great deal. Cost 27.44 pounds, which is roughly $42.

  • Ordered PS3 version.

  • Order Subtotal £22.49
    VAT (20%) £4.57
    Shipping £4.95
    Order Total £27.44

    worked for xbox 360 just then, 310pm WA

    • just got an email to say its shipped, also is back in stock according to site

  • Fus Do Rah

    • Fus Do Rah??? I thought it was Fus Ro Dah!

      • You are right…I think my character makes it sounds more like Fus Do Rah rather than Fus Ro Dah.

  • when would it arrive if purchased now? before the 22nd?

    says its too late to arrive before christams:


    • My Skyrim order has shipped. Fingers crossed it arrives before Christmas.

  • Shame the PS3 version is all that's left from the sale. Wouldn't touch it on that console until the patch the shit out of it.

    • Buggy?

      • More like unplayable.

        • No patch out on PSN?

  • any gift code is available?

  • +1

    just ordered one for XBOX360. Don't know why people keep saying it's sold out.

    Edit: Just got the amount deducted from my account - $42.14 aussie dollars. Sweet…

  • Just bought the 360 version as well. 27.44 no problem! Maybe they're "drip feeding" us.
    Lucky it's not a christmas present though…

  • +2

    I used to get all excited about Skyrim, then I took an arrow to the knee.

    • right after the guard said that…I shot an arrow to his knee!

      • +1

        I used to be a Dragonborn adventurer, then I took a sword to the chest.

        (and got married…)


  • SUCH a good game. Can vouch for this game - not sure about the deal but if you're on the fence about the game then yeah. It really is an amazing game. There are a few bugs but given the size of the game & the quantity of content it isn't surprising and they can still be overlooked. I haven't seen anything game breaking yet.

  • Website told me it was out of stock so I bought it on ebay for 53

    went back to the website and refreshed the page… magically in stock :(

  • JB HiFi 4GB Xbox 360 @ $169 + Skyrim 360 @ $40(ish) = Goodbye life! Thanks OP!

  • Had bad experiences with GAME.CO.UK in the past. Ordered a game for xbox and the PS3 version turned up.
    Emailed them everyday for a week explaining the situation and asking for a reply.
    I think it was 3 months later they got back to me, after I'd forgotten about it.
    Pre-ordered the Epic edition Gears of War from these guys. The night before it was due to release, they sent me an email saying they couldn't send it.
    I won't be buying from these guys again.

  • It's back! Managed to score a 360 copy.

  • Still in stock at reduced price on 360.

  • Just got my shipping confirmation! Fingers crossed it'll be here soon. Thanks again OP!

  • Still available at Gamestation.co.uk on Xbox and PS3 for around $42 delivered. in stock. Ships same day.


    • Just as a heads up Gamestation and GAME UK are one and the same and as such I wouldn't be surprised if all orders through either site all went to the same place. Looking at the similarities in site layout makes it seem that way at least.

      Still a great deal either way though, hopefully it'll turn up in time for Christmas!

  • Just arrived last night!!! Sweet! Cheers yet again OP!!!

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