This was posted 1 year 1 month 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-30, 5W-40 $32.95 (+ $20 Cashback) $12.95 after Cashback @ Bunnings


Claim $20 cashback / bottle (maximum 3 claims):

Purchase must be made between 1/8/2020 to 15/12/2020 and must be submitted by 11:59 AEST on 20/12/2020

A maximum of 10 bottles allowed per entry/household

Performance Levels
SAE 5W-30, API SN PLUS, API SN, Resource Conserving, ILSAC GF-5, Ford WSS-M2C946-B1
SAE 5W-40, API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B3, ACEA B4, MB 229.3, GM-LL-B-025, VW 502.00, VW 505.00, RENAULT RN710, RN700

Check if it suits your vehicle

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  • A5/B5?

  • GM dexos1™ GEN 2 APPROVED (Lic No. D10195GL103)

    SAE 5W-30, API SN PLUS, API SN, Resource Conserving, ILSAC GF-5, Ford WSS-M2C946-B1

  • very good price.
    $12.95 for 5L full synthetic, good deal
    note that the cash back is closing soon, be hurry.

    • +10

      i am so hurry

    • +3

      I been hurry but I no finding 5w-30 stock.

  • Can I purchase three bottles at one receipt and claim for 3 cashback? or does it need a separate receipt?

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      Yes. It's one receipt per claim entry. I have claimed 5 bottles on a single receipt.

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      I purchased 2 from Bunnings 2 months back in 1 transaction. And received the EFTOS cards in post a few weeks later. So go ahead get them.

      • +1

        damn they still doing eftpost cards? why no bank transf

      • Did you actually vote or just submit a claim without voting?
        Wondering if they only give it to people who actually voted.

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    Are eftpos cards considered cash back?

    • +1

      It's not cash per se.

      • As long as the EFTPOS card is not issued by TCN, you should be fine. They are as good as cash anyway at most places.

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    I’ve never purchased a deal like this before, what do you do with the $20 EFTOS card, can you withdraw the cash from the card or do you have to use the card at a store like supercheap auto?

    Also when i click on the OP Bunnings link it’s saying 0 results found for the oil?

    • Can't withdraw. It works the same as a bank card - usable anywhere EFTPOS is accepted, except online.

      • +1

        Cashout at Woolworths?

  • -2

    if your car can take Valvoline 0w20 do it… saw significant fuel savings using it vs on 5w30 before

    wonder if anywhere have cheap 0w20… 2 days to go for cashback

    • +2

      Repco has 30% off for RAC valid till 13/12. Got 3 0w20 at $44.80 each.

      • not bad… lowest i've seen was like $38 when Supercheap has the 40% off Valvoline and it was during $20 cash back

        that was GOLD

        too bad I still have like 4 bottles left

        maybe I'll wait until they go under $40 + cashback time

    • +2

      I think there is some debate as to whether 0w20 is good for protecting against engine wear even if it's manufacturer recommended. Apparently there's tighter emission and fuel economy regulations, and the only way they can conform is to run a very thin oil.

      • -1

        They are working on 0w0

        I guess if car warranty is fine

        • +6

          I'm waiting for -5w0 oil. The engine lubricates the oil.

      • +10

        Manufacturers recommend your car wears out as soon as warranty is over

        • +1

          Haha good one. Using thinner oil means they can legally state the better fuel efficiency without reporting the long term higher engine wears etc. it is win win in their book for us to think we are driving more fuel efficient cars and not knowing we need to buy new cars when warranty is over.

        • Manufacturer recommends those who believe this is a conspiracy line up for their AntiVax shot.

  • Anyone know which oil would be better for a mazda 3 2L 2010 model? These are the options i’ve found using i’m just trying to decide which one to get as there’s so many options

    This deal the OP has posted Valvoline synpower full synthetic engine oil 5w-30
    Castrol magnatec fuel saver engine oil 5w-30 dx
    Castrol edge 5w-30 a3/a4
    Castrol magnatec stop-start 5w-30
    Valvoline professional multi-vehicle 5w-30
    Valvoline professional series 10w-30

    • If the cars odo is around 200k go up a grade to the Synpower 5w40.

      • It’s on 160k

        • Recommend the 5w30 on this deal until you reach 200k.

          • @chyawala: Thanks Chyawala, the only problem is result is showing 0 on the Bunnings link the OP has provided so i can’t check for local stock. I might have to call Bunnings tomorrow and see if i can find stock anywhere.

      • If the cars odo is around 200k go up a grade to the Synpower 5w40.

        Do you even know what you are talking about?

        • For high mileage engines over 200k I use a thicker grade oil to reduce engine wear or possible blow by as the tolerances aren't as tight as when the engine was new.
          What's your take on this?

          • @chyawala: I would go for a 10w30 or a 15w30 for an older engine.

            30 or 30 would depend on where op lives.

            • @MS Paint: The first number ia the cold viscosity, relevant to starting viscosity regarding the climate the vehicle is in. In an aging high mileage vehicle, it can be beneficial to increase this also so there's better oil pressure on starting, and even reduce minor persistant leaks. I think 10w40 would be good in this instance, however would need a tidy discount on it to choose that over this 5w40.

              • @chyawala: Not that you are wrong if the car has been well maintained and doesn’t already have ‘oil burnt’ problem 5w is fine but if it does higher 10w, 15w or even 20w is recommended as long as the handbook states it is within the accepted range. Choosing 30 or 40 is like MS Paint said depends on where people live (to do with the warmer temperature) although 15w or 20w is harder for the engine to start up under extremely cold temperature and may cause higher wear to the engine before the oil flows through to protect the entire engine.

    • Not sure if that's the generation that has oil clogging issues. I'd just use recommended oil spec which is 0w 20.

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    What does it mean that it's an "exclusive offer for SMOTY 2020 voters or entries"? How do they check eligibility?

    • +1

      They don't check. You should only hear about the promo via SMOTY 2020.

  • Sorry, noob question re sae 5w40 - Is it suitable for motorbikes/wet clutches/Honda CBR f4i 600cc 2001.
    I used comparability search/ and I know they have specific motorcycle oils, but this particular one is not listed. for such a low price I am tempted to give it a go. Cheers

    • True though the oil is now cheaper

  • +1

    Can someone explain OP's max 3 claims when the SMOTY link refers to a max claim of 10 bottles per household.

    I'd like to buy 5 but just wondering if you get the cashback per bottle or per receipt?


    • +1 also confused here.

    • +2

      You can buy 5 in one receipt and claim it as one claim of 5 so you will get $100 cashback

  • I can't work out if it's suitable for a 2013 2L Petrol VW Tiguan. The Valvoline site recommends a more expensive 5W-30 oil, but will the linked Bunnings one work? Any help would be appreciated :)

    • Work yes. But AFAIK you really want VM 504.00 / 507.00 oil to meet the VW 15k service intervals, it's what I feed my 2012 tiguan.

      • Thank you very much!

  • Just about to run out of 5W-40 for my BMW, thanks OP!

    • Maybe need some new rings and valve stem oil seals 😂

  • thanks OP i bought 2 - can you use the online order page as the receipt - or does it need to the one from the store?

    • Need a receipt number

      • I asked Bunnings staff they said it may be the whole thing just above the barcode in the receipt

    • hmmm, seems PDF order details cannot be uploaded.

      If anyone has purchased online from Bunnings and then submitted a cashback request, how did you do it????

      • Just completed the submission process myself & had the same issue, ended up just saving it as a JPEG file and it uploaded with no problem.

  • +1

    Can also price match at Supercheap auto as I did

    • +1

      didn't know SCA price match, how did you do it? Ask at the sales counter?

      • +1

        probably either counter or online web chat, i just did online web chat, sent them both theirs and bunnings' links, and they'll email me a code to use at check out. Works out to $29.66/bottle.

        • Does SCA do 10% price beat?

        • My works PC blocks webchat so I call and they only gave me 50c off. :-(

  • 0 results for Valvoline 5L SynPower, anyone else getting the same issue?

    • Do price match at SCA or Autobarn
      Amazon also sale it for $39.96

    • Change your store to somewhere else. If your local store doesnt have it, it doesnt show up.

    • I checked a few large Bunnings stores in WA and they're showing 0 stock.

  • Got some at Bunnings Eastgardens. NSW

  • +1

    Bunnings Noarlunga has 1 bottle of 5w40 left. Most other stores in Adelaide have stock according to the Bunnings web site.

  • Am I the only one buying this to lubricate my clothesline winding mechanism :D

    • Yes

  • Thanks OP. Just confirmed my purchase from Belrose in Sydney. Bargain. I usually use Castrol Edge 5W 30 but this is fine..

  • Price matched/beaten with supercheap online chat. $31.04 (~5.5% discount) + free shipping (order of 5 bottles) as I'm over the $99 free shipping inclusion.

    Nice one OP, $55.20 (after cashback) for 25L. I usually get the Castrol 5w30 for around the $30+/5L when they feature on here so this is a massive saving.

  • About 5 packs of 5w40 in stock at Bunnings Adelaide Airport, as of this evening.

    I bought my 5w40 earlier today and I must say, this bargain has been most helpful. Good quality oil at a price that's basically ridiculous (assuming Valvoline pays up).

    • I’ve received the Valvoline cash card from a previous deal. Took a few weeks for them to process and send out

      • Did you actually vote or just claim?

        • Just claimed

  • "you know what I mean"

  • Why is fn Bunnings tardy with processing online orders? Ordered Sun night. No movement still. Exactly how I missed out on the $29 Ozito trimmer deal.


    According to this post it says your purchase must be made between 1st of Aug 2020 and 31st of Jan 2021, and cashback applied by 28th of Feb 2021.

    • +1

      Dates were changed, check the OP link.

  • Received my EFTOS cards couple days ago

  • Anyone knows how long it’s takes to receive cash back eftpos cards! I have submitted claims on12th December haven’t received anything.!

  • Submit and forget. They wait for returns window to lapse before posting the cards.

    • Doesnt seem like it. BTB posted this deal on 13/12/20 and got his card just before xmas with time to return.

  • Got my eftpos card today. Put the claim in on the last day. Live in Sydney.

    • I purchased and put my claim on 17/Dec and still waiting for my GC.

  • Submitted on the last day too.
    Haven't received anything yet

  • Submitted 2 days before deadline, received my card today. Nice.

  • Claimed 3 but got 1 card only

  • Submitted on the last day of deadline. Just got my card today as well.

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