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Coleman Pop-Up 2P Darkroom Tent - 2 Person $99 (Pickup Only) @ Tentworld


I like many others will be traveling domestically these holidays. Was tossing up between a tent and a 2 person swag when I found this deal.
I got one price matched from BCF and set it up in my lounge room. Can confirm it is very dark inside so shouldn't be woken up by the sun at 6am. It is quite small inside for 2 people, I can sit upright.

Edit. Swag or tent is your own preference, 2 person swag is minimum double the price plus you can’t sit up. As for the pop up function, it took me 2 minutes to set up (first time) including the Velcro, not pegs. Pack up is easy once you figure it out.

14-Dec-2020 7:00PM The item can no longer be delivered. Pickup orders only.

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  • I cant see the point of this tent being a pop up. It seems to be just as fiddly as any other tent but without any rear window area for flow through ventilation

    • I have a couple of pop up tents. A wet area one and a dry area one. The dry area one takes me seconds to put up and I use T handle ground pegs on each corner. Much faster than a swag and it gives you room to store stuff and change easily. The wet area one has a built in Fly which needs to be pegged down and is nearly as fiddly as a normal tent.

    • Why do you say it is fiddly? No poles to thread through would be a big plus, no?

      • If you look at the video it still requires lots of poles, pegs etc. Considering that it still needs all that work, and it has terrible ventilation, I just dont think it is a good buy.

        Ive done a LOT of camping using small tents and, in order of priority, this is what I look out for: flow through ventilation, a strong floor and fly that wont let water in even in very wet conditions, a really strong pole (Ive seen many cheap tents shredded in storms) or poles, enough space to keep your pack inside and a space under the fly but outside of the tent for dirty or wet items (like muddy shoes).

        In my experience it is just not worth buying a cheap and poorly designed tent. You rely on a tent to keep you warm and dry. Its much better to do the research and find a high quality tent. You will pay more but it is always worth it. Just look after it and it will last for ages.

        I bought a 2 person snow tent around 15 years ago and I use it a few times a year and it is still just as strong as when I bought it. Do you remember the storm that hit SA (at Melrose) a few years ago and wiped out the power in all of SA for a few days? I was in the middle of that storm which was extreme. My tent withstood the storm fine. Half of the tents in the camping area were utterly destoyed. Many of them end up completely shredded and lots were blown into trees. I was on a 9 day bike ride with Bike SA at the time.

        Spend your money on a decent, well designed tent. Then look after it. It will last for ages.

        • Mine is an earlier version of this one. The key difference is that this one has two vestibules while mine has only one with the space for the second vestibule included in the inner tent's design.

  • You want the swag when its 2 people. Easier to setup and pack away.

    • Is there a swag with a 'dark room' function so you don;t wake up at 5am to glaring sunlight?

      • Most swags are like this - the canvas is extremely effective at being a block out

      • Swags made of canvas are generally darker inside then most tent fabric.
        Swags also take up more room especially a double.
        But I find when I'm camping its best to get up with the sun and go to bed not long after dark. If I want to sleep in and enjoy the darkness that's more of a home thing.
        But each to their own.

      • Swag with bonus bottle of makers mark does the trick :) !

        • Wet season camping with 90% humidity and mid 30s at 9pm require a few beers to handle sleeping in a swag. Portable tradie fan has made a world of difference.

      • Body bag

    • +11 votes

      Swag canvas also helps keep in the smell for a more effective Dutch oven experience

    • Swags need more storage/cargo space, they are not for everyone.

  • In Store Only?

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    Sydney - Punchbowl
    Very Low or Out of Stock

  • im looking for a tent that has the following features: Very good ventilation (must), fits 3-4people or more, full height tall, has vestibule to store luggages outside, can have windows open while raining (possibly some awning by the window or something), easy set up (or pop up), light weight, Price <$400.. Anyone knows?

  • Bought this few months back at macpac store for $99 also but it was an ex display. For $99 new it's a great deal for the quality.

    2 things to be aware of it's dark inside, very dark and the packing is a real trick but once you figure it out it's easy. The provided instructions is impossible to understand you need to look up online videos.

  • Geez, I'm dumb. I thought this was for old-fashioned photography.

  • Is this suitable for having adventures in? I'm looking for a tent that stays dark enough to have adventures in, preferrably while holding a flaming torch and sword.