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Orbis 20L Camera Backpack - $59.99 (Was $149.99) + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) - Kogan


A Kogan bag that shares a very large resemblance of the much more expensive Peak Design Everyday Backpack. Thought if someone was on the look out for something cheap and good this might be it.

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    I LOLd wow!

  • +4's got the maglatch and red stitching and everything.. that's crazy

  • Wow…

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    The knockoff version of the mkbhd bag?

    • yeah pretty much, I think so

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      Knockoff of Peak Design's Everyday backpack

  • Good to see the maglatch system is retained at the top,
    thinking the origami dividers may probably be interchangeable,
    just no info. on DWR-outershell fabric,
    probably can pass except on a rainy day, I reckon

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      After I get this bag I'll be testing it to see how well it handles in rain since I can't seem to find a single review on it, which is understandable. Hopefully it holds up decently for this price though I have my doubts.

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    That's all these bags should really cost

  • They also seem to have a knock off of the every day sling. Too bad they don't seem to have the larger versions of the backpack

  • One might think that peak design has sold thier older models' designs to third party manufacturers

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    Wow.. no way it was the worth the RRP.
    I wouldn’t trust $5000 of camera gear to this bag.

    Just buy a vanguard/lowepro/thinktank.
    All 5 of my camera bags are vanguard

    • Why wouldn't you trust it?

      • Because it Kogan… approximately 50% of things I’ve ordered there have broken.

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    I have the original Everyday PD backpag and while I like it for travel and when carrying my camera kit (MFT with a couple of lenses) and other travel pieces (the customisation options of the origami internal organisation is great), as an "everyday" bag it is a little on the bulky and heavy side. This isn't an issue for photographers after max protection, but if you're just slinging it around uni, worth considering. I noticed that the Kogan 20L is 100-200gm lighter (official weight, anyway) than the PD, which isn't much but at least you know it's not heavier.

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      same here… i had it then sold it… reason being is the shoulder straps pivot too much so they end up sitting on the outer edge of my shoulders, the weight is not as centered…

      maybe this cheap one use a lighter material…

    • Same here, got the original PD backpack from Kickstarter. I would say it is quite on the heavy side, but overall after a few years the bag is still as good and going strong!

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    They have the knock off of the sling bag too for $29 +shipping -

  • Tempted, but I wonder what the quality of the stitching is like.

  • i bought one each, sling and backpack. even if half decent, happy to settle with that.

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    LOL. my eyes was deceiving me as I thought i'm seeing a PD backpack but it says "Orbis" in the title lol

    This is a very fine line between a counterfeit and knock off lol

    • If anyone knows, it's you your honour.

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        Bam bam court is in session.

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    They really reached the peak with this design

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      haha I see what you did there!

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    there is even a review for this bag lol

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