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ToolPRO Mini Bench Grinder Skin 18V $19.99 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus/C&C) Supercheap Auto eBay


The best thing about this item (if you're in the Toolpro/Worx/Rockwell system), is the dremel style attachment at the end of the flexible shaft.

The flexible shaft and attachment looks like the one in this product: MINI BENCH GRINDER 3"

It's a shame they don't show that in the pictures because it makes this product about 10x more useful.

It has been on clearance on Supercheap auto for a while: ToolPRO Mini Bench Grinder Skin


3D Printing Hack

By @snuffypot11: https://imgur.com/a/aBdtpDn (Ozito)


Compatible 18V Battery Systems

I believe this is called the PowerShare system

  • ToolPro
  • Worx (confirmed by @0FoxGiven)
  • Rockwell (confirmed by @bf)
  • No names (confirmed by @edrift) eg. Maysarah-18v

See here for complete list: 18V Battery Systems

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  • Will this work from a generic 18V/20V supply (given a connector),
    or does it have some sort of smart-battery DRM like that evil Bosch tool I bought?

    • I haven't tried and I don't know for certain. But I imagine it's the higher end products that usually try to do that.

      • +1

        Good point. I've not heard of it in cheap tools.

        I just realised how tiny this is - 50mm wheels. But the battery-power dremel sure sounds interesting.

    • +6

      "Skin only - Battery & charger sold seperately"

      • Because it is benchtop, not a hand tool, you could easily solder on a power lead to connect to whatever 18V battery you have.
        Or possibly a laptop charger, but they don't specify the current needed.

      • +3

        Why am I getting down voted? I'm only stating what it says on the ad

        • Ha. tried to de-down vote and somehow it's now stuck on downvote :|

          Anyway, I think someone thought you were whinging

  • OP are you saying WORX batteries will work with this? Thanks

    • +1

      I've had people on ozbargain confirm that this is the case, as well as elsewhere. I can't confirm it myself though

      eg. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9156072/redir

    • Other generic Chinese tool batteries work on this/toolpro.

      I bought a brushless reciprocating saw worth two batteries from kogan. The batteries looked like they'd fit and they did. Much cheaper than buying toolpro.

      • What brands were they, and specifically which product. Others might find this info useful to get batteries. Thanks

        • +1

          This one:


          Great value as it comes with 2x 18v 2ah batteries and it's brushless.

          • @edrift: That's an awesome price for saw and two batteries. Almost tempted to get it just for the batteries (don't need the saw)

            • +1

              @iwearpants: I got it for cheaper… Well in typical Kogan style they price jacked for black friday then offered 15% off. So I paid $66 which isn't even 10% off the non price jacked price.

              I don't know how they can keep doing this

  • +1

    Got one. Not even in this ecosystem :(

    I have a million ozito batteries though so i wonder if there is some type of adapter available for this unit

    • +2

      Or maybe just some paper clips and some wires :)

    • Same deal. Hunting around now too. haha

    • +2

      I actually have a few Worx and Rockwell 18V/20VMax skins.
      Batteries are interchangeable, so I've taken a chance and ordered this Toolpro skin (hoping these are too).

      … but most of my other tools and batteries are Makita.

      So I have a couple of the following adapters, and it allows me to use my Makita batteries throughout:
      AliExpress adapter

      • Awesome - I just got a deal on a Makita mower that came with two 18V batteries, but have been struggling to find reasonably-priced Makita skins that would work with it. Didn't know such an adapter existed - happy days!

  • +1

    I wouldn't use this for sharpening tools. Smaller wheels means a much higher chance of overheating the metal, resulting in your tools losing their temper and they'll then struggle to hold an edge.

    • Good point. This is more slated for hobby/diy than serious work-shopping

  • +1

    ordered one. thanks
    i do not have toolpro or worx battery.
    but i have plenty of laptop adaptors and Milwaukee M18 batteries.
    This would be handy for kitchen knives maintenance. lady will never complain not sharp enough……

    • If you stuff up the edge of your knives by using this (which you almost certainly will) it will not improve your marital status

  • battery and charger sold seperately, thats not a deal

  • This has actually been cheaper before when they have their 20% off storewide.

    I think the wheels are too small and night not have enough torque to keep spinning under load. For about $10 you can get a proper bench grinder and you won't need to mess around with batteries or a power cable mod.

    • Yeah definitely for hobby use.

      For about $10 you can get a proper bench grinder

      Do you mean $100?

      • Ahh I meant $10 more. I.e. can get a cheap bench grinder with slightly bigger discs for about $30.

        Proper probably not the right word, but better.

  • What is the use case for this? Too small to be useful. Assume at this price it will but utter rubbish. Why contribute to land fill? You can buy an Ozito or Ryobi unit for under $100.

  • dremmel style attachment at the end of the flexible shaft

    What can you do with that?

    • +1

      You can use it in place of your dremmel tool if you already have the dremel-style accessories. Plus it will also be more portable than your dremmel tool.

  • Probably just about OK for flat-head screwdrivers and wood chisels.

  • +5

    Picked one up locally yesterday, thanks.

    3D printed a Ozito battery mount and cut out the original battery mount, swapped the terminals (toolpro positive on left when looking at back of unit, ozito on right) and epoxied in place. Works great and worth it for $20, just wish spare 50mm/2inch discs were available.

    Some project photos if you're interested

    • +1

      Nice! Well that was quick :) It's cool what you can do with a 3D printer

    • +1

      Do you have an STL for this? Would also appreciate a bit of detail on what/where you cut etc.


      • +1

        Sorry I didn't see you're question sooner, I downloaded and printed the below

        I took it all apart until I had just the Toolpro battery mount plastic piece from the back of the unit, I used a scribe to mark on this piece around my printed part then used a hacksaw and files to fit it flush. Then everything was epoxied in place including battery terminals (swapped as said above) before reassembly. This way I was able to use the original screw holes for mounting.

        Also i just unplugged and removed the 3rd pin which I assume is some sort of temp probe? Hasn't caused me any issues.

  • +1

    Excellent little unit i didn't realise with a handheld dremel extension & polishing/wire wheels very good value works great

    • Happy to hear you've also found it useful!

  • +1

    Natively fits my jcb batteries! Happy camper!

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