This was posted 11 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW, VIC, QLD] $20 for $40 Credit at Selected Food Venues @ Liven


Liven has their 2020 snaxmas promo on now.

12 days of different promos, today certain dessert and bubble tea place care packages are pay $20 get $40 credit to use.

I grabbed a few in Melbourne, highly recommend Cru+ for some yummy desserts.

Also noticed a number of places have 50% liven back today as well.
8bit for example and a few other places.

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  • Calia for those in Melbourne, $20 for $40 credit. Good deal.

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      I got that to try them, I felt like they’re meals are too small for what they are.

      • The meals aren't big, but food is pretty ok quality and also the environment is good in general. Their Mapo tofu dish is nice.

    • What's the chance you can buy it if you already have a package from them?

      Love their food! Date night prices though.

      • Zero. Use it up and you can buy another package. Cannot have more than one for each restaurant, at least that has been clearly stated in the terms.

  • I'm only seeing $20 get $20 for bubble tea places. Am I missing something?

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      Yea, the get $20, is $20 bonus, ie, you have 40 to spend.

      • +1

        Got it thanks! Got some kurtosh too :)

  • Nothing really outstanding for Sydney.

    • Krispy kreme is $50 for $50 bonus

    • Kurtosh is pretty nice too if you work in the area :)

      • Yes I already had them from before with care packages.

      • +1 for kurtosh. Their cakes are pretty good value ($5.40/100g).

  • anything worthwhile in brisvegas?

    • Sushi hub 50% frenzy reward.

    • Mumo Tea and/or Oiian Tea if you're into bubble teas. There's also 5 Dogs, Krispy Kreme, and Mayfield Chocolates.

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    If you've never purchased a care package before, you can get $10 off your first package via customised links from some Liven users, eg

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    Keep in mind that these are bonuses, so for a half price feed you'd need 100% bonus package. I got caught out in the earlier care package by thinking it's 50% discount for a "spend $20, get $10" bonus (sounds like half price, but it's only 25% off).

    TL;DR: just take half off the bonus value for the true "discount" you're getting.

    Also, it's probably better to take advantage of frenzy offers if you're spending immediately at a vendor vs the care package, that way you're not locked in to a specific amount.

    Overall pretty good deals on offer.

    • +1

      Your maths is a bit off mate: spend $20 get $10 bonus is effectively a 33% discount on $30 worth of purchases.

      It's better to utilise the frenzy if you can spend straight away/during the promotional period, but one advantage of care packages is that the credits never expire, so if you can lock in say 50% rewards via a package you can access this at your leisure. Of course you should only do this for venues you intend/would be happy to spend at anyways.

      • Ah you're right, I stand corrected :) I can't remember running which package quickly and came up to 25% discount >.<

        Another risk that the branch closest to you might close due to Covid. I bought a care package for 8bit planning to use in the city branch but that has closed now and the other two is in the west which I can't be bothered traveling to…

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