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[PC] Steam - 90% off Jurassic World Evolution $6.30 (Normally $63) @ Steam


Breed Dinosaurs then watch them die but make money along the way - 11/10 would get eaten again.

Other deals on offer for the game:

Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe - $6.93
Jurassic World Evolution: Premium Edition - $25.74
Jurassic World Evolution: Jurassic Park Edition - $19.17

DLC for the game is on sale too if you already own the game.

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      Probably didn't help that the 2nd movie they release at the same time was quite mediocre. But I personally enjoyed the game nonetheless (even for the $25 I paid for it last year).

      It was a nostalgia hit from Jurassic Park operation genesis from the early 2000s.

    • +5

      10,000 units at 10% is better than 0 units at 80%

      • some tycoon game where you sell lemonade or something
  • I wish the playstation store will do this too.

    • +1

      Why I refuse to buy a digital only console!

      • +1

        Good for you, I personally wouldn't buy one either but I would definitely buy a digital game if its the cheapest version no matter the platform.

      • Huh? You can have the optical drive and still buy digital games. It’s not even $7 man.

  • i dont mind messing in planet coaster and figure this will provide a similar experience. not bad for a pricey coffee

    • I think this is better than pc

    • If you happen to give it a run let us know how it is and whether its any fun!

      • +1

        Having played the base game. It is fun but nowhere near the freedom of planet coaster. Buildings and building the environment is very limited comparatively I think. But Dinosaurs are pretty cool and there other little facets to make it interesting, like harvesting the rights genetics, playing with the genetics and all to improve your park. You can let dinos kill but that gets lame after a few massacres.

        Well worth it for $6.30. Not so much the full price at launch.

        P.S. Campaign was so slow I just skipped it and learnt what to do by stumbling around in a free map.

  • is this any good?

    • +1


    • I played this on PS4 and quite enjoyed it. I paid about $20 for it, and got more than my moneys worth. I didn't play it to completion, but I'd recommend it at this price.

  • I like 69, but any game with a score 69, I'd avoid.


    • +2

      Sounds like people who only votes 10 or 0

      0 is turd
      10 is the best

      6.9 is towards the latter

  • I enjoyed this game a lot

  • That's one hell of a deal, it'll be a cold day in hell before we see a comparable deal on Switch. 😅

  • +2

    Shame that steam reports it is still using Denuvo.

    • -4

      Makes no difference

  • Can you feed park visitors to dinosaurs?

    • Only at the early stages of the game but you can leave gates open for the dinosaurs to get out

  • Thanks I'll give this a play when done with cyberpunk

  • +1

    Epic deal!

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