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GOOLOO 2000A $98.99, 1200A $79.99 Portable Car Jump Starter, Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer $54.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon

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    So.. I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago.. Out of covid lockdown, car won't start..

    It didn't start my 3.0L 6 cylinder diesel.. :(

    And yes.. I did press the boost button.. The engine didn't even crank.. Didn't even hear the relays click

    • Was going to buy one, as my batt died last week and had to wait an hour for road side assist… But this would make me burn if it didn't kick over with this…

    • which one did you buy

      • The 2000A one from this previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544828

        The battery pack definitely could hold charge.. Not sure if it was just my car. Can't really try again unless I somehow make the battery flat again

        • could be because the battery is dead flat and can't be started. if not, then it's probs faulty.

          i just bought mine the other week so will see how it goes when i need it haha.

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      Mine works like charm. No issues. Try to get it replaced as it has 18 months Warranty

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      I've started both of my V8s with mine and no issues. I keep one in the car at all times now, useful to assist others as well.

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      Make sure you put the negative jumper on the cars ground (chassis or engine) instead of the negative terminal on the battery.

      It significantly improves the chances of providing enough current and less voltage drop to the starter as it doesn't need to pass through the dead battery first.

      • Interesting. Will definitely try this next time.

        I do wonder if anyone has tried totally disconnecting the terminal plugs from the battery and directly connecting the jump starter to the terminal plugs and starting?

        Would that help?

        • I had a dead flat battery, it had been flat for a few months and it wouldnt charge, I tried to jump start it with a my other car and the dead battery wouldnt allow it. So I disconected the terminal plugs from the battery and was able to easily jump start it.

          I would assume the same would apply for the gooloo.

        • I wouldn't recommend disconnecting the starter battery.

          Portable jump starters like these are only designed to provide the current and voltage delta at short bursts required to turn over the engine. They also wouldn't appreciate the full current input from the alternator once the engine started.

        • It wont help at all and bad thing to do. Lead batteries have big internal resistance when discharged, meaning they dont affect anything.

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      I have a 3.0L diesel engine which was completely dead too and on the first boost start it didn't quite turn over. But after letting it sit for 5mins or so, I pressed boost again and then it turned over and started.

      Maybe for my case it needed to somewhat charge the dead battery to a baseline voltage before cranking over?

      • Ahh. I didn't try that.. I was in a hurry and engine just didnt turn over. The battery was pretty dead.. I gave up after 3 or 4 goes with the boost.. ended up just wacking on the CTek charger and leaving taking the wife's car instead..

    • I've jumped my 3.2L diesel Pajero a few times with this, but I guess it's only 4cyl. Have found it struggled when the battery was at 7.7v but leaving it connected for a min got it going on the second attempt.

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    Thanks OP, Bought the 2000A Jumps starter and the battery charger and maintainer :)

  • I used it for my air compressor too

    • How? I am looking for an air compressor

    • how does this one work?

    • I used the 15v 10A output from the battery (located on the side). I rigged up a jack on one end and a cigarette lighter outlet on the other. Jack goes into the 15v 10A outlet and the other end connects with the air compressor. Have used this type of connection with different batteries and digital air compressor over the years. I simply do not like to pump tyres at servos so I do it at home.

  • 1200a be enough for a 1.5L Honda Jazz?

    • Plenty

    • -1

      you can jump start a 1.5l with a AAA battery let alone that starter pack

      • Really? Or are you joking? If it is for real, maybe an iPhone can do the same.

  • i just used the 2000A jumper today on my coworkers car. It worked as expected.
    I've used a few times on my own car.

  • Hi,
    I have a Toyota Camry. Which one will be good for me?

    $98.99 GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0(amazon.com.au)


    $79.99 GOOLOO Upgraded 1200A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter(amazon.com.au)

    • Bigger the better I say.

      • Size matters

  • +2

    Will the below which is still $89.99 be a better option?


    • That sits in between the $98 and $79 deal posted here. Get what suits your needs and budget.
      One thing is your linked one has splash proof which is a bonus but did not mention about USB quick charge.

  • The smart battery charger says it only works for batteries up to 100 amp hours. I have a 130 amp hour battery, any recommendations for a compatible charger?

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