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Philips Wireless Earbuds $59.99, Gazebo Tent $69.99, 4 Person Pop-up Tent $49.99 @ ALDI


Camping items on sale at Aldi on boxing day. Also on sale is the Philips wireless earbuds and Bauhn TV.

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  • Anyone used Aldi's 4k tv before? I know I shouldn't be expecting much but still wanted to know people's impression. I had bought an Aldi tv 10 years ago and the main issue was it used to take few seconds to move from one channel to another. Are they still the same? Also what about the picture quality?

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      I recall reading about boot time and general UI functions to be slow in recent years too, but that’s just what I’ve read. I think you’ll get that sort of thing in this price range regardless (I’ve seen slow UI functions in Hisense just under the $1k mark)

    • Mine has great picture quality. No channel switching delay. No smart features, but that's fine because I use chrome cast anyway. You've got 60 days to return it, if you don't like it.

  • Bought the bauhn wireless earbuds last year from aldi for $60 and they still going strong!

    These should be good, phillips brand!

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    OP can you please upload the Catalogue?

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    Am i having deja vu or did someone post this already?!

    • Something was posted yes, can't remember what though…. I remeber looking at the tent.

    • Here
      that one includes the whole catalogue

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    Can someone comment on the quality of the tent?

    • I can only comment on the 4p Colman tent I purchased a few years back from ALDI, it's still going well. Don't know about the new ones. Some say they are a rebranded Colman tent?

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  • Anybody got feedback for the bug zapper and metal detector? Do they work well?

  • Can anyone comment on the quiality of gazebo? Im after one. Thanks!

  • Did anyone maange to get the tent in VIC
    .My local store did not get the supply ..

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      Tried three stores near me on the Gold Coast and none received any tents, had the other stuff. It is listed on their product delays page for QLD and Vic I now see