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55" Ultra HD Smart TV $429, Gazebo $99.99 @ ALDI


Upcoming catalogue from Aldi. Scan

Some great camping bargains if you're an outdoorsy person like us.

Full credit to the Facebook poster.

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  • Anyone have one of these gazebos? I wonder how they compare with other brands

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      Yes I’ve had this Gazebo. Also have a Coleman Event and an Oztrail Deluxe.

      Depending on what you’re planning to use it for… it’s ok. Pretty much what you expect from a $100 Gazebo.

      I wouldn’t buy another one. I gave mine to my dad as a spare for additional shade during family events. Would rather put in a little more and get the equivalent Oztrail for another $70 or so.

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      Can't comment on the gazebo but my experience with Aldi camping gear and tents is that they're quite good for the money - but definitely not as nice as some of your bigger brands (which you'd also pay more for)

      For example:

      The Aldi instant up tents lack additional features such as extra tether points (this is a problem when it rains), extra windows/ventilation, extra awnings - and use cheaper materials. But they're also like half the price, so they're very good value.

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    If you don't snap one of these camping deals just go to K-mart. Same stuff and prices.

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      And better for exchanges, cause they'll still have them in stock.

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    Do you guys know how often Aldi updates their TV models? Like is this the same TV as last year for instance or are they refreshing every time they sell them?

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      It's not an Android TV so that alone puts the hardware around 2018 style. I'd skip.

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        True OzB's buy a cheap panel and use a Chromecast dongle they got on special + 10% off code + $20 discount with Latitude Pay

        No need to worry about the TV software!

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          Getting harder and harder to find dumb TVs though ☹️

    • it's random rebrand of multiple models depending on what's available from their supply chain

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    I think you're going to have better picture quality if you get a FullHD panel from a more or less reputable brand for roughly the same price?

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      For this low end price? Maybe. Pay a little extra and get a EKO 4K Android TV from Big W.

    • if you get a FullHD panel

      Do 1080P panels still exist in 55" ?? I don't think so.

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          Looks very similar to ALDI model.
          The picture quality on cheap TVs these days is usually quite good. I doubt the low-end Philips panel is any better.
          No amount of more even backlighting or wider colour gamut is going to make Big Bang Theory funny.

          Will it be more reliable, or better support when you have trouble?

          Worth the extra $180 for the name? With only a 1-year warranty on the Philips, I say no.

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    "Big Mick" burger sauce

    Now you can make McDowell's at home!

    • Is it better than Angry Jan's Thoppers?

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    Are their pop up tents any good? Did anyone have any experience using them?

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    Just posting my thoughts on the Aldi TV i bought last year (65" Braun Android TV). I've never, ever bought a worse TV in my life. Everyday I curse myself for opting for a lower priced model where i should have just gotten a smaller, better TV. The Android OS is extremely buggy, it struggles to sync to the remote, it randomly crashes half way through a movie, it become laggy if left on standby too long. I ended up putting it on a smart plug so it'll switch off the power if it doesn't detect any movement downstairs. I recommend NOT buying a TV from Aldi.

    • Reason enough to neg the deal.

      • Although you can't say this model is going to be the same, plus you can easily return if you try it & are not happy with it.

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      The Android OS

      There's the problem. Never buy a cheap panel for the OS, you buy it for the screen only. Ignore the TV's OS and just plug a Chromecast dongle in HDMI and end up with a better system than a name brand TV.

    • Bought a 58" one with QLED 4K and android OS. Worst piece of tech ever. I returned it (with little hassle) within the 2 months mark, and so glad I did. It was so buggy, image quality was horrendous (skin tones look splotchy and dead no matter how much I tried to tweak it)

      • Where was this TV from if I might ask?

        In the market for a new telly and ideally looking to avoid junk like that

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    Love how they are selling a pool shower…. Hmm… Now I've spent $100k on my outdoor pool, I was waiting for an Aldi deal on a cheap outdoor shower!

  • is this from 16th December ? Aldi Website foesnt have the same catalogue