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Crucial MX500 (CT2000MX500SSD1) 2TB 2.5" SSD $294.75 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price for a great SSD. Australian stock and fulfilled by Amazon AU.

CCC has this as the cheapest ever, though the Amazon listings for this SSD are a little funky and read as separate: https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B003J5JB12?context=se....

The cheapest this SSD has been was $273.49 on Cyber Monday in this deal (expired): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585364

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is this equivalent to 870QVO?

    • Equivalent to Samsung EVO 860

    • The Crucial MX500 uses Micron's 256Gb 64L 3D TLC part. Whereas the QVO uses QLC. Depending on your use-case this could be important. TLC will mean this drive is rated more reliable than the QVO and could be used for a boot drive (you probably wouldn't want to use a QLC as a boot drive).

      • What budget nvme m.2 do you recommend? new laptop has a 512gb and an empty slot, no support for 2.5" so just wanting to get a 2TB ep cheapo for file storage and steam library. TIA

      • So just for storage would they pretty much be same?

    • It's better than a 870QVO as tthe 870 is a QLC vs TLC on the MX500

  • I got the 1TB version of this a few weeks ago, did all the prescribed actions to clone the 128GB SSD in my MacBook Pro (2009), installed the Crucial… nada. Spent a whole day going over it and re-doing the steps, cannot get a boot from the new drive. I don't have time to wrestle with it atm but it might be going back for a refund.
    Any suggestions welcome.

    • Did you use CCC to do the clone - I've done a couple with no issues

      Plenty of vids on YouTube on using CCC to do it.

    • I use minitools partition wizard to do a disk clone. Google and download earlier version, which is free.
      Very easy.

    • Like others have mentioned here, it comes down to how you did the cloning and possibly the software you used. I've used the MX500 a few times as a SSD upgrade in various models of Macbook Pros and haven't yet struck an issue with it.

      Maybe suggest you try to boot the new SSD as an external drive first to verify that the clone was successful before you install it as a replacement for the old one. Plenty of guides online on how to change the boot drive (something like pressing/holding SHIFT when you see the Apple logo, and then 'C' to select the alternate boot drive).

      Another suggestion would be to install a clean copy of MacOS on it and boot externally, just to verify that there is no issue with the drive itself or the cloning process/software.

      • Thanks, yep, I tested it by booting externally, works with no problem.
        I did the cloning using the Dick Utility. Still can't figure out what went wrong.

  • Would this be good as a drive just for games? Otherwise better than this?

    • This would be a good one for games or a boot drive. You could also look at M.2 if you think you want more speed. But if you're just looking to speed up your Steam library then it would be very suitable.

  • Are we likely to get a better deal during X-mas or boxing days?

  • Says $280 at the moment, but like above, probably best to wait for Boxing Day sales etc.