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RØDE VideoMicro Ultra-Compact Directional on-Camera Microphone $60.50 Delivered @ Kevin-dd via Amazon AU


Top brand tiny shotgun mic at best price ever according to Camelx3. Cheaper than used on ebay! I was tossing up between this and the Boya MM1. Some reviewers prefer the Boya (I think that sounds too bass heavy. You can EQ if you want that over bass sound like the boya anyway). The boya is about half the cost of the Rode in the USA, so I think price biases them.

In actual tests, the Boya picked up more echo in a small room. The boya fails (as in so much noise the sound drops in and out) in windy or moving situations. Rode was much more reliable and stable. That sold me on the Rode and when I saw it at $60.50, the decision was made! It's only about $10-15 more than I could find the boya at anyway.

Can't wait to add it to my mobile recording rig.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I'm new to making videos and stuff. Can this be mounted on a Sony a6000 and is it good for vlogging and cooking instructional videos?

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        No it can't as the a6000 doesn't have an external 3.5mm mic jack. The only options for the a6000 are ones from sony that fit the MI Hot shoe. Links for those here:



        Better yet - I think digidirect have 20% off on their ebay site. So if you can find either of those models on their ebay store you might get lucky with pricing.

    • It depends if the mic socket has power. It needs 3v or more that it gets from your mobile phone or camera. Don't know if the A6000 has that. For indoors or tripod mounted outdoors I use my bigger Rode mic, an earlier model of the VideoMic Rycote Lyre and it is brilliant. Very focused on the target. They do some other ones like the GO but I dont have any experience with that. Others have suggested it will work and a little shotgun will be great. I can't wait to get mine as holding up a phone, gimbal and the BIG mic is a lot of weight.

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      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is a microphone jack for the a6000?

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      it'll be significant improvement over the built-in mic and should be fine for vlogging, but you might want something different for your cooking videos because kitchens are loud. You need the mic closer to your mouth than where your camera is likely to be.

      without going for an expensive shotgun + boom + recorder setup you could try a lapel mic and record to your phone in your pocket, or you might want to think about doing it voice over style a la Binging with Babish.

      having said that, I think the other commenters are right about the a6000 not having a mic input, so no this won't do anything for you unfortunately.

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    Spelling it as RØDE is cool and all but makes it difficult for people to search for.

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      I find that the search engines swap them around just fine. Plus it is the company name, so I can't help that. Mind you it is an Australian company so it is odd.

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        Well, their first microphone was nicknamed the rodent, so they adopted that and shortened it to "Rode" and put in the special character as a reference to their family living in Scandinavia…. so there is a reason, if obscure!

    • Valid concern, just tested it and Ozbargain search still indexes this page as if it were "Rode".

  • Hi can this used on GoPro?

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      Yep, but you'll need a few things. This is what I used for my GoPro 7 Hero Black during my trip to Japan.
      - GoPro Mic Adapter
      - A case to hold the adapter + mic in place. I found this one to be the most efficient. The adapter goes under the GoPro enabling you to plug in the mic and screw it onto the top. Keep in mind the fluff of the mic might be in the camera shot so you can either cut it shorter or ensure it's angled up a little.

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    The boya mm1+ is the superior product IMO because it has a headphone jack for monitoring audio.

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      Both have advantages, for me the fact that it can't handle wind or vibration as well is a deal breaker. The boya has comes with 2 types of cable which is a plus for the boya camp. Cable and monitoring are low importance for my personal use, wind and vibration handling is highly required. The MM1+ is a different mic too, I was comparing to the MM1. The MM1+ is about $100 from my quick search, so I would expect a better mic than the MM1.

    • If your camera doesn't have a monitoring output, definitely worth keeping in mind.

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    Also $62.40 Delivered @ digiDirect eBay (with coupon code PTHMA20), if you don't want to risk purchasing from a third party Amazon Seller.

    • Showing as $78 now, I’m too slow :(

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        with coupon code PTHMA20

        • Thanks, I forgot the code. Picked it up, look forward to putting it to the test. Thanks again :)

  • This doesn’t work on a phone though hey, just DSLR.

    • Yes it does. Do you mean wont mount? There are many ways to mount this with a phone. I will be using an arm on my gimbal. The plug goes stright into my 3.5mm. I have seen others use clips or clamps.

      • Oh ok, not the plug, I meant the power. So it does work? Cause I have a sound mixer where you need to switch power between a DSLR and then over to a phone. So the levels out of this mix works loudly with a phone then? Doesn’t need any boosting?

    • Depends if your phone has a 3.5mm.

  • Cheap microphones in this style are just that. Friends of mine have attempted to make films with these things and just ended up using their IPhone as a voice recorder with greater quality.

    • I will know when it arrives as I can compare to my big shotgun. I dont think ANY pro movie maker uses a $60 mic though. Iphone would NOT replace a shotgun mic ever. Iphones placed close the subject, hidden or just off frame make a good audio back up while filming. Saved many reshoot that method has. Maybe this is how they use it. But cant replace the function of a focused shot gun mic at a distance, simply different types of mic. Most people use this for on the go shooting, in windy, noisy or bouncy situations. iphone would suck at that, hence the market for these.

  • Will it work with Osmo Pocket with the 3.5mm adaptor?

  • Does this work with a Sony a6500? New to recording videos.

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    This microphone is also designed and made in Australia, as are most of Rode’s products, which I think is worth a lot more than the $30 you might save going for a cheap Chinese knock-off.

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      I agree, however even still I think it's better quality, better sound output and all round value kicks the Chinese butt even without patriotism. The patriotism is like a feel-good bonus.

  • Hah, I just noticed this product is now rated a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Must have been a few like minded folks buying.

  • Mine arrived. Shipped within a couple of hours of ordering. A day and a half to get to rural Vic. Just opened it and it's so tiny compared to my big shotgun. Also it has the new style red mount, rather than the black one on the display picture. 2 Year warranty, designed and made in Australia. It works with the cable on my camera and one phone, but my other phone needs a TRRS cable or a splitter (splits the combined mic and headphone plug into 2 sockets, one for mic one for headphone). I already have both and it works fine on both. Rode also sell an SC7 cable if you want an original brand cable to go into a mobile phone if it does not work on the TRS included.

    Overall build quality is nice. Sound is not as focused as the bigger shotgun rode, it still reduces sound from the sides but not as well as the bigger unit. Not needing a 9volt battery in this VideoMicro is nice though. I often forgot to turn off the mic in the bigger unit and flattened the battery. Body is aluminium. I know this as the back was not threaded on tight an when I did a wobble test, the back came off! It's threaded so I just wound it up and it nice and tight now. I looked at my test footage and I could see a line a bare aluminium when the thread was showing, so just check yours, I expect I just got an odd one. I did a simple wind test and the sound is good. Will have to mount it on the gimbal and start filming now! No more excuses - Youtube here I come.

    • To update. Took it outside in the wind. Amazing. I'm out in the strong wind and I can hear birds chirping in the trees on the play back. A really big gust makes a small sound. Audio is better than phone mic even away from wind. I'm a happy camper.

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