[Megathread] The Good Guys Commercial, JB Hi-Fi Commercial, Costco, Samsung EPP/Education Price Check

This thread was created due to the amount of Price Check Request for The Good Guys Commercial

For Access The Good Guys Commercial - Credits to Pricebeat

For Access to The Good Guys Commercial, JB Hi-Fi Solutions and Samsung EPP / Education portals - Credits to WookieMonster

Mod Update 1st September 2021: Megathread now includes Price Check for JB Hi-Fi Commercial, Costco, Samsung EPP/Education and all other Membership Related Stores.

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  • Can anyone check the price on the LG CX 65?

    • +2

      Not sold at TGGC. JB Commercial has it for $3951.

  • Can anyone check the price of the 65 X9000H?

    • I don't believe they have it, but have other sizes.

      55 X9000H - $1510
      65 X9000H - Not showing up
      75 X9000H - $3019
      85 X9000H - $4454

      • Thank you!

  • Can someone please price check the good guys commercial for the hp pavilion x360 14-inches 2-in-1 laptop 8lx91pa?

    • HP Pavilion x360 14" 2-in-1 Laptop (8LX91PA) - $1,039

      Same price as regular website it seems.

      • Thanks

  • Can someone please check the price of WAN24120AU?

    • +1

      Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer (WAN24120AU) - $688.00

      Same price as regular website

  • Do they sell the Iphone 12 pro max?

    • No iPhones

      • thank you Trop

  • I'm interested in pricing on Bosch's HSG656XB6A steam oven.

    If GGC don't have it, how about similar sites (JB commercial etc)?

  • Price on the Breville Bambino Plus BES500B

    Looking for the stainless steel ver. and black

    • +1

      Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine - Black Truffle (BES500BTR4JAN1) - $361


      Breville the Bambino (BES450BSS) - $357.00

  • Price on LG washing machines:
    W 5-1408W and WV5-1409W


    • LG 8kg Front Load Washer (WV5-1408W) - $734.00
      LG 9kg Front Load Washer (WV5-1409W) - $821.00

      • Can you check the WV9-1409W as well 👍

        • +1

          LG 9kg Front Load Washer (WV9-1409W) - $968.00

  • Could you pls check the price on the DJI mini 2 combo pack.

    • DJI range not on TGGC

  • Can anyone please check the price of Sony X9500H 65 inch? Thanks!

    • They don't appear to stock the 65" of this model on commercial.

      Prices I posted a couple weeks ago for the other sizes are still current.

      55 X9000H - $1510
      65 X9000H - N/A
      75 X9000H - $3019
      85 X9000H - $4454

      • Thanks so much Trop, they don't happen to have the 9500 do they?

        • +1

          Lol sorry I misread 9000 in your first post.

          Sony 65" X9500H (KD65X9500H) - $2415

          • @Trop: That's awesome Thankyou!

  • Can I get a price check on LG SN9YG. Currently listed for $999 on the regular site.

    Also wanting to know if you can use gift cards to pay? (Essentially 5% off from with suncorp)

    Thanks in advance

    • LG 5.1.2Ch 520W Dolby Atmos Soundbar (SN9YG) - $891.00

      I don't believe you can use Gift Cards for extra discount unfortunately, valid payment methods provided at checkout are credit card and PayPal. There's a Promo code field before checkout, but I have no idea what that's for..

      In gift card T&C "Gift Cards are not redeemable for goods purchased from The Good Guys Commercial"

      • Thanks Trop.

        Is this their normal price or a special promotion price? I'm waiting for my access to TGGC via your salary benefits. Hoping the price doesn't go up.

        • I can only really guess from what Ive seen, and I havnt used it that much.

          The prices are usually consistent as far as I notice, and usually just go lower to match their standard stores catalogue specials if they are lower, before returning to their standard commercial pricing.

          I would guess that it would be unlikely to change before you get access.

  • Genuine question: what happens to those who make the enquiry here and do find a good price? How do they proceed? what is the cheapest option to get the TGGC access? Is it through G'days Rewards membership?

    • I am waiting for my access via your salary benefits as I work for not for profit.

  • Merged from The Good Guys Commercial Price Check - Oven/Cooktop/Rangehood/Dishwasher

    Hey Guys,

    Can someone check the following for me please:

    Bosch SMV66MX01A
    Bosch HSG656XB6A
    Bosch HBG6753B1A
    Bosch PXE875DC1E
    Sirius Specialist SL926DLTM850
    Sirius EASYROOF150M 125-150mm Metal Roof Kit
    Bosch PXV975DV1E
    Bosch DHL895DAU

    Thank you

    • $1243

      • Is that for the dishwasher? Thx

    • +1

      SMV66MX01A - $1243
      HSG656XB6A - N/A
      HBG6753B1A - $1686
      PXE875DC1E - $1776
      SL926DLTM850 - N/A
      EASYROOF150M - N/A
      PXV975DV1E - $2663
      DHL895DAU - N/A

      • Thank you, much appreciated.


  • Hi guys
    Can I get a price check for a Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus?
    Model: BJE530BSS4JAN1

  • Hi all,

    Can I get a price check on Bosch Heat Pump Dryer - WTW87564AU

  • Hi All. Can I get a price check for:

    Samsung HW-Q900T/XY

    And JBL 9.1 please

    • +1

      HW-Q900T/XY - $1027.00

      Not seeing the JBL 9.1

      • Thanks. Unusual that the HW-Q900T/XY is more expensive than current sale prices.

  • +1

    Hi, could someone please explain the benefit of knowing the commercial price if i cant make the purchase? Or is it for negotiations?

    Also I am interested in this bosch diswasher but confused how to get the best price. SMS66MI02A


    • SMS66MI02A $1243

      Just apply an account from SunSuper. Account can be opened instantly. Then unlock it from their Dreamrewards.
      You will get an email when TGGC account is ready.

      You don't really have to use the account for any superannuation. Leave it empty. It will be closed automatically after 16 months.

      • Cheers mate

  • Would someone be able to price-check the Jabra Elite 85t for me, and confirm if they have stock?

    • +1

      Not available on TGGC website.

  • Hi there,
    Can someone please check the pricing on these two:

    PCT9A5B90A - Bosch Gas Cooktop
    VBD578FS0- Bosch Oven

    I'm building a house and need to work out if getting these is better through builder.


  • VBD578FS0 bosch oven $3107

  • Bosch 60cm Gas Cooktop

    Bosch 75cm Gas Cooktop

    Bosch 75cm Gas Cooktop

    Bosch 90cm Gas Cooktop

    Bosch 60cm Gas Cooktop

  • Can someone price check a Bosch WAW28620 Series 8 washing machine please?

    • WAW28620AU - $1425
      WAW28460AU - $1056
      WAW28440AU - $1140

      • Legend. Current best price is $1499 at E&S

      • For what it's worth, I managed to get the WAW28440AU for $1200 delivered and installed by asking for the best price in-store.

  • +1

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if:

    1. It is possible to make a commercial purchase in person at any store by taking in my quote or something similar?
    2. I could redeem gift cards such as the cash rewards "home" card, which can be swapped for TGG, when making a commercial quoted purchase?
    • Not sure about the first. But payment methods for TGGC are PayPal or CC. So can't use gift cards for TGGC purchases

  • Merged from Commercial Account for Harvey Norman/ Good guys

    Can anyone help in ordering from commercial account from Harvey Norman/ Good guys. I am looking to buy the following. Can you please let me know the price for the same.

    Fisher & Paykel 600mm Pyrolytic Oven

  • Bosch 60cm Built-In Oven Series 8 Black

  • Only close model to what you are looking for is Fisher & Paykel 60cm Pyrolytic Oven

  • Can someone please check the price on Bissell Pro Heat 2 x Revolution Pet (2066F)? Thanks!

    • +1


      • Thank you

  • Hi,
    Could anyone check out the LG SN9YG soundbar for me? Thank you.


  • $891.00

  • Merged from Sony 75XD9500 TV Price

    Can anyone give me the current price for this TV from Good Guys Commercial or latest update on price paid please. Many thanks as I am senior citizen and stores are confusing me.

  • Does anyone have experience in price matching TGG commercial price in store?

    Basically I have received a store credit of $2353 from a faulty LG OLED and want to purchase a Sony A8H but there it is significantly cheaper through the commercial site.

    Any info will be appreciated, thanks.

    • +1

      I would have requested a full cash refund if the product was faulty, but that depends on what was wrong with your last LG OLED.

      If TGG shuts their door next morning you will not get anything back from the store credit.

      • Yeh it was my parents dealing with this one unfortunately, I have been tasked to assist in finding a replacement.

        I doubt they would give a full refund though as this was in warranty with the extended concierge service that we purchased.

        • Ahh ok. That wasn't brand new DOA.

          You can pop in-store and try your luck to see if they would price match TGG commercial / negotiate your price.
          (You should NEVER mention your TGG store credit until you happy with the price)

          • @FloatingPoint: Yeh thats what I was thinking about doing, hopefully they will do it. just wanted to see if anyone had experience in price matching.

          • @FloatingPoint:

            (You should NEVER mention your TGG store credit until you happy with the price)

            ⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑ THIS ⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑

            Just present it at the register when paying… Don't mention it at all…
            They can't refuse to accept it.

            If you mention it, they will know you won't buy elsewhere and you will lose bargaining power…

            • +2

              @jv: Thanks everyone for the advise, went in store today and negotiated a deal then sorted out the store credit at the counter. To answer my own question, they will pricematch commercial prices if they have stock.

              I ended up getting another LG OLED 55GX, hopefully this one last longer than 4 years.

  • Please could someone look up the price of the Westinghouse WQE6060SB Fridge on TGGC for me? Would love to see how it compares as they've got 10% off sitewide tonight.


    • +1


      • +1

        That's good, thanks! Now I need to find a way to get an account

  • Can anyone do a price check on Bambino Plus?
    Also any feedback on the best (cheapest) way to get TGGC account. Would gdayrewards be the best (seen from other thread https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362)

    • Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Black Truffle



  • Would someone be able to please price check Bosch WTW87564AU 9kg heat pump dryer?

    • $1488

      • Thank you!

      • Thank you.

  • Hi - could someone please help me price check the following two LG Washing Machines and if there is any stock:

    I need a new machine soon but have been waiting for my SunSuper login from earlier this week. Just trying to see if I should bite the bullet and use the eBay 15% TGG promotion or wait a bit longer…

    Thanks! :)

    • +2

      WTG8521 - $713.00
      WTG9020V $ - 821.00

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