[Price Error] NED Australian Whisky 700mL x 6 Bottles $57.95 (Was $309.99) + $9 Shipping @ Liquorkart My Deal (Checkout)

MOD: Liquormart has contacted us to confirm that this is a price error on their system, and orders will not be fulfilled, hence moved to the forums.

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NED Australian Whisky 700mL

Sweet oak moving into spicy grains, with a hint of dried fruit. Then mocha and oak, with vanilla and dry coconut.The finish is spicy and clean heat, smooth but powerful. Long after flavour of sweet oak and dark chocolate.


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    • Ozbargained

    • I must have just got in. Hopefully they come.

    • Lol

    • It's up again but they fixed the website, now it says for 1 bottle, not six.

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      If anyone got a screenshot that shows 6bottles for $57.95 would be much appreciated. Forgot to screenshot in the rush to purchase them

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        goto your account, click the order number, it does show 6 bottles

      • Likewise! Would also appreciate it.

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        In PayPal: https://i.imgur.com/kmXvFLe.png
        That's surely enough for money back if they don't send 6x bottles of 700ml each.

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      The tax (excise) payable on a bottle of whisky 40% 700ml is around $24 plus GST, to sell it for less than that you would be giving money away.

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        …this is hand sanitizer ;)

      • Yeah I was going to say this earlier. The tax would cost more than the bottle of booze. No way will they possibly ship them.

        • Is Ned Kelly known for paying taxes?
          Edit: maybe

      • Also means Aldi's spirits have thin margins after excise and GST, rip

        • Yeah they cost around $5 if you take off the tax. The Rivet beer is also very cheap without tax.
          This is why James squire is a smaller bottle, less tax with the appearance of a full carton.

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      I literally got a bottle of this free from the eBay Plus deal, the flavours are port/muscat with a hint of bushfire, its really bad, it's a horrible mixer, this is an appropriate price

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        Reviews are fine over 4 out 5 stars from 34 .
        Not that it matters I can easy pass them on as stylish presents or 200% profit because I won't be drinking more than 1.

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          I think they are sock puppets to be honest the negative reviews are on point

    • -3

      I had a chat with Liquorkart team member Mike and as expected this was a pricing error.

      Welcome to LIQUORKART.Please enter your details below

      Viv: Hi there, my order # xxxx for Nerd Whiskey 6 bottles. Wondering would this order be fulfilled?

      Mike: Hi. There is a technical glitch in regards to the ned whiskey order. We will soon be refunding the amount back to you.

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        Obligatory thanks for flagging with the shop. Now no one will get their order slipped through the cracks.

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          There is always that one who spoils it for everyone

        • To be fair I'm sure the person who said they ordered 100 bottles might have also been a red flag to the merchants lol.

    • Just got a text message and email from LiquorKart, order has been cancelled and I've been refunded.

  • grabbed a case. let's see how this goes.

  • I knew this web, early this year they had "similar deals" on hand sanitiser and didnt honor, get cancelled later. Totally waste of time.

  • Is this a decent drop? Already bought it though hehe

  • 6 bottles for $57.95?

  • Thanks OP, I'm in for the ride.

  • I pulled the trigger before reading the reviews. D'oh.

  • 6x +1, finger cross

  • I'm going to absolutely kick myself if people end up getting shipped 6 bottles but not entirely sure I need over 4L of whiskey to myself 😂

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      You do! Prepare for Covid Wave 3 :)

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    Says the seller is Liquorkart Australia.
    Using FIRST10 on their site works out cheaper -

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    $56.95 for 6 bottles including shipping with code FIRST10 at https://www.liquorkart.com.au/products/ned-australian-whisky... and I didn't register for an account

    • F*************K

      • we (profanity) up

    • maybe not a price error then?

    • Thanks, I ordered here too. Clearly says 6 bottles. Ended up $56.95 delivered.

  • Order Details
    Amount Paid: $66.95
    No. Items purchased: 1

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    FFS i have 18 bottles of whisky and 18 pairs JBL earbuds coming from telstra

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      I couldn't get the Testra deal no points or ac's .
      Upsetting : (

  • The case size is 6 but everywhere that talks about quantity reads "x 1".

    I know it implied you have ordered 1 case but has anyone got a receipt or order confirmation saying they are receiving 6 bottles?

    Getting the feeling we are going to need up paying $60 for one bottle delivered?

    • Yeh invoice says 6 bottles

      • the invoice was in my spam, nevermind thanks!

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      Its a price drop from $309.99

  • Fingers crossed Christmas came early

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    DESCription says 1.3 standard drinks?
    could it be 6 bottles x116 mm = 700 mm.
    hard to see anyone getting 4.2 litre of drinkable whisky for $57, but good luck with it.

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      uh oh……

    • If it was 700ml split into 6 bottles each bottle would still contain 3.14 standard drinks, so I think a pricing error is likely

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        Also the "WAS" pricing wouldn't be nearly $300 for 6x116ml.

    • you made me panic but it does say the original price was $309.99

      This also does not seem like a realistic price for 6 small 116mm bottles and 116mm bottles would be a VERY odd size?

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    NED Australian Whisky 700mL, Option 1:700ML; Case Size:6 Bottles; Style:WHISKEY 1 $57.95
    Shipping $9.00

    • We could have had extra 10 bucks off. Even I was in a hurry

      • +1

        Buy another one, average cost down mate!

  • I have : Please find your order confirmation below.

    So should be good .

  • Yes says,
    Whisky 700mL, Option 1:700ML; Case Size:6 Bottles; Style:WHISKEY
    These never cost $309 so it must be for a case anyway.
    Goodluck everyone,


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    guys, take screenshots of transactions and website offers so you have "photo" evidence in case of PayPal disputes.

  • I had a stab. see what happens. No doubt just wasted my time now and shortly into the future. Anyone actually drank this stuff before?

    • Great presents tho

    • We are truly pathetic

      • Haha, just did it all again via liqourKart. this time with the 10$ off coupon.

    • +1
      • +1


        Plastic (almost burnt plastic) and hazelnut. I don't like hazelnut, but i have never tried singed plastic so might be to my liking.

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        Lol at one of the comments: "At only $60 this bottle is a steal."

        What does that make it at 10 bucks a bottle?

    • It's not good. The flavours are cheap port/muscat with a hint of bushfire, its really bad, it's a horrible mixer, this is an appropriate price

      • Ever had it?
        No doubt not as good as beam, but nothing a bit of sodastream pepsi max can't fix?

        • Na pepsi can’t disguise this

          • +1

            @SirMurduck: Pretty sure could sell them for $30 a pop outside Dans

  • MyDeal did crazy hand sanitiser deals that probably Ebay + postage subsidised but they send out all the goods .

  • Thank Op in for a punt.

  • +1

    I ordered from this post aswell


    Averaged down my holdings

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    The page says:

    Standard Drinks | 1.3

    1.3? Is it six CANS maybe or something? There's clearly errors here..

    • If they send out 6 cans, it will still be a bargain as they will be free as it can easily be disputed to get your money back.

    • Was $309 the only way to read that is 6 x 700ml

      • True. I mean, dont get me wrong, i purchased, lol, just not expecting it to be honoured as none of these usually are.

  • buy 2x cases and get $20 off (AMEX offer.)

    • Damn, I should have ordered two cases. In case they cancel the order, there a chance that AMEX Cashback still come through.

  • Looks like the price of one bottle to me.
    I just tried with the absolute vodka 200ml page on the same site, simular thing 1 case = 12 bottle, click buy now and only $21 total…
    Just piss poor web design imho.

    Good luck to everyone though :)
    I'd give it a shot but i'm too busy this time of year to deal with if the aftermath goes sour lol

    • uh oh………

    • but it does say WAS $300, so was one bottle really that much?

      • dunno typos happen,
        but its a fair gamble,
        good luck to everyone,
        hope you guys get 6 instead of one.
        Dont think these guys are big like Dans who might be able to take the hit though.

    • that also has a 700ml picture. Tempting to try that one to :p

  • Crazy place 2 Ned Whiskey deals on live page :_)

  • +2

    I can see a Paypal dispute coming…

    • Johnnie too much competition for poor Neds and forced the poor Bugger's to liquidate .
      Anyway my Xmas dream lol

    • just got in. Cue cancellation email in 3.2.1… Good thing I treat this as a hobby, and just care if they refund, unlike other entitled sooks ;)

    • Anyone get a screen shot? Doesn't mention 6x bottles now.
      One free one would do
      Out of stock lol

  • Oh their email will be jammed in the morning with OzBarginers snapping up on what could be a pricing error. Fingers crossed.

  • They have changed the case size option. You can only select 1 bottle now. The was $309.99 is still confusing.

  • Yeah they changed it to say for 1 bottle not six now so obviously it was an error.

    • what should we do???

      • +2

        All walk hand-in-hand into the abyss and forego our existential torment?

        • -1

          you speak english?

        • +1

          This is the way

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