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James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale 6×345ml $8 (Min Spend $50) @ Coles Online


Just in time for the festive season. A very good price for this beer. Enjoy.

Limited to five 6-Packs. A 6-Pack is on sale for $10. Five of them gets you the to miminum spend of $50 to get the 20% off from the code. Of course, you can also add a single 6-Pack to any shop totalling at least $50 to get just the one for $8.

Original Coupon Deal - 20% off Liquor (Minimum Spend $50) @ Coles Online

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  • Liquor is not available for delivery or collection at this time

    Does getting this error mean OOS?

    • NM. Had to move pickup to after 11am

  • i think it's $10 in queensland not that you can buy it from coles anyway here lol but the site says 10 for me regardless

    • +1

      20% off Liquor (Minimum Spend $50) @ Coles Online

      The post title is somewhat misleading.

      I'll just buy it for $10, although it's showing "Temporary OOS" for me.

    • for me it says not available in your location once you try to add to cart

  • Thanks OP grabbed a case by adding 4 packs for $32 and a bottle of wine to meet the $50 min spend.

  • Out of stock? Page won't take me there

  • +1

    south Sydney "not available in your location" .. this deal is only visible if i'm logged out.
    even searching for it on their site "not found"
    shame :(

    • oddly, my closest store sells booze, but wont display this offer. So i chose my 2nd closest, and it shows up fine … either way, woohoo.

    • Got that too.
      I had to login, select delivery for an available time.
      Then I checked the signed delivery version (not unattended) then it let me "find" booze. (and then had to put in my birthdate)

    • I'm getting "Temporarily unavailable" now, when I'm logged in. When I'm logged out, it shows it as available. =0|

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    Guys may I know why when I click on the link I see this error?

    "Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for
    The page may have moved or you might have typed an incorrect URL"

    Is that the reason?

    "Due to Liquor Licensing in Queensland and Tasmania, Coles online is unable to offer liquor in these regions. Liquor is also not available to the Alice Springs area in the Northern Territory"

    • I got the same and am in Qld. Can't buy alcohol via Coles normally here I don't think.

  • I did get 5 - to meet min order requirements as they were $10 for 6 locally. Thanks

  • Logged in my Coles online but NO liquor items showing. I live in south West Sydney.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    • +4

      I'm sure there's nothing really wrong with living in SW Sydney

  • +3

    5 six packs for $40! Awesome deal, thanks OP

    • +1

      Same here. Perfect for Christmas!

    • Lucky bugger! Looks like it's out of stock now. =0(

      EDIT: Turns out it's variable based on location. I added my work address and now I'm golden.

      • Woo hoo! Merry Christmas to all!

  • Got some, thanks OP


  • Not available in northern beaches

    • +16

      plenty of coronas i hear!

    • I have ordered on northern beaches :)

    • Warriewood has them

  • Just got the cancellation email from the one store nearby that would actually let me check out.
    Be prepared…

  • Thanks OP, got a few

  • +1

    I got it in Melbourne 3000.

    5 x 6 pack = $40 + $4 delivery

    Thanks op!

  • +1

    annnd OOS…. i can't even figure out why zero alcoholic items show in the coles online liquor category…. and the cheers promo code doesnt work with liquor land…. very confused

    • Might be OOS in your area? Was able to just place an order for 5 x 6 packs using the code, $44.45 delivered

    • Minimum order $50 for 20% off.

  • +4

    Very different beer to when it was first released. Used to be quite hoppy, but that has been dialed back.

    • Most of them are like that. Make a name for themselves and then go downhills from there. Otherwise they can’t keep the prices low without cutting corners. Stone & Woods is one of the exceptions and their stuff are never cheap.

  • Got 5 thanks OP

    • Limit of 5 per account?

      • That's what it says.

        Haven't tried doing two orders with the same account on different days to see if that works, though.

  • Can't buy anything. Let me add whole heap of stuff but at checkout says, not available for pick up or delivery……..half an hour wasted….Hmmmmm……

  • Worked for Greenacre NSW C&C

  • Cheers OP!

  • Got 5 with a bottle of wine, $57 delivered.

  • Thanks Op, grabbed 5 x 6 packs for delivery. Annoyingly need to pay an extra 45c because my delivery needs to be "bagged".

    • $4 delivery next day put me off. Elected for free pick up this afternoon.

      • Tried several Coles and C&C wouldnt work. Opted for $4 Delivery.

  • not available WA?

    • Just ordered Home delivery in Perth.

  • Just make sure you select a store that allow sale of liquor (not all does), and to pick it up ASAP as the longer the pickup time the more chance it'll be OOS when they start preparing your order.

    • does it really work like that?
      mine says "confirmed" .. do they just keep selling whatever they have, then have to scrap these 'confirmed' orders? if so, that's a bit crap!

      • anyway, you got me worried now, so i amended my pickup from tomorrow arvo to earliest today, just to be safe!

      • Yep even though the order is "confirmed", it depends on when the staff go and pick your order… in the meantime someone can walk in and pick it up off the shelf and buy it.

        Their system doesn't cater for reserved stock, so can you imagine if you went to buy something and the staff says 'sorry you can't have that as it's reserved for an online order'? That would be the day…

        • just got my "ready for pickup" msg .. so am asusming it's all in stock for me.

          • +1

            @swampson: Yeh once you get that message, they've picked the order and set aside for you. :)
            I just received my email saying my order is packed and being delivered tomorrow.

        • +1

          The "correct" way to cater for that situation would be to not RCC (i.e. cancel) the order, which is what they do now when a walk in buys out the product, but instead reserve stock from the next delivery and put it aside before restocking the shelves.

          Obvious, right?

  • This will get the job done tomorrow if I skip eating all day. Thanks OP

  • Thank you! Ordered 5x6pk for $40.45.
    It didn't allow bagless pickup so automatically added 3 bags. Fingers cross still in stock at 4pm

  • bargain - picked up 30 beers for $40

  • 30 for $40.45, thanks a lot OP. Our family trip from the Northern Beaches to Melbourne is looking doubtful so these will help to drown the sorrows.

    • Which northern beaches coles you purchase from?

      • Just ordered from Forestville

        • Thanks

        • Same but Forestville doesn’t sell alcohol? Not sure if order will be cancelled?

  • A few stores that i found that allow liquor pickup in Sydney are:
    Chullora 2190
    Greenacre 2190
    Manly Vale 2093
    Edmonson Park 2174
    Wentworth Point 2127
    Top Ryde 2112
    West Ryde 2112
    Crows Nest 2065
    Forrestville 2087
    Lachland Square 2113
    Engadine 2233
    Kirrawee 2232
    Bondi Westfield 2026

    End up getting 5 for $44.45 delivered

  • Deal expired I think as link is now gone. Was showing as temporarily unavailable 1 mins before.

  • Cheers OP, ordered 5x 6 packs to pick up tomorrow.

    Well I think I have anyway, the order was showing in my account after I made it, but after logging back in it doesn’t show at all now. Not even as a cancelled order but I have the email receipt.

    Now I remember why I don’t bother doing online orders with Coles.

    • i also made a pickup order for tomorrow (working today, cant get to store) - then thought i would amend it for today ASAP instead just to be safe… noticed my order gone "you have not placed an order"… i rang their support, the guy said he's reset the order, then i could log back in and pay .. even though i alreayd had (and my CC has that $ amount registered).
      Anyway, my order then reappeared after the reset, and i checked out again .. and it seems to still be there now…
      fingers crossed….

      • Yeah it’s weird as, clicked on the email link about modifying the order and it said I hadn’t proceeded to checkout even though I had the order confirmation and the PayPal receipt 😂

        Ended up going through it again and it came out with the same order number, so something strange going on there. Ah well it’s all done now so will check again in a few minutes to make sure it hasn’t disappeared again!

  • Amber Ale disappearing from most places

  • Not working

    Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for
    The page may have moved or you might have typed an incorrect URL

    • +1

      make sure your assigned local store does alchohol pickup as an available service.. seems not all do.

      • yeah it worked when i was logged out. Then logged in and stated that it's not available, and the page not found. So then i logged back out and still says page not found

        • yup i had exactly same issue - when logged in, my closest coles (that does have LL attached), would strangely not let me purchase. I changed on profile to 2nd closest (that also has LL) and i could then order at the reduced price. Not sure why.

          • +1

            @swampson: OK managed to get over that issue via incognito mode and change the pickup store.

            Note: Edmondson Park 2174 is out of stock but Willowdale (not listed above) worked fine.

  • +1

    Found out how to do it for NSW:
    Logged in.
    Chose green acre for click and collect, selected a time. added to cart.
    Looked for the small delivery option.
    Added my address.
    Added coupon
    Paid $4 shipping + 45c bags.
    Paid $44.44 for 5 x 6 beers :)

    • Used this sequence for a WA delivery - worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP, bought it - BTW, is it a good beer?

    • +1

      decent enough - I don't love it but I wont complain if it's what's on offer.

      Great at this price.

    • Very similar to Coopers original pale ale but slightly lighter in taste. Coopers one of my favourites.

  • Thanks OP
    Placed an order for 5 x 6packs for pickup tomorrow.

  • +2
  • check your Flybuys account.

    I just got a Flybuys offer of Spend $50 get 2000 FB pts.

    Do you think this will stack with the $100 / 2000 FB pts default offer, or does one cancel out the other?

  • Not available in Darwin


  • +3

    Coles online is by far and away the worst customer experience

  • my fav, cheaper than buying 24 pack

  • Picked mine up, they accidentally gave me 6 6 packs :)

  • Just picked mine up too, Ordered 5x 6 packs to reach the $50 spend limit - $10 = $40.
    Got told apparently only meant to give out 2x 6 packs so I win :D

    • apparently only meant to give out 2x 6 packs

      Total rubbish! The product page clearly states:

      • Retail Limit: 20
      • Promotional Limit: 5

      Clearly either the person your spoke to is an i****, or (maybe more likely) the wrong information was passed down. Either way

  • Picked my up earlier and had no idea where the contactless pick up area is. Absolutely no instruction of where to drive to except the address for the whole shopping centre!

    Tried it for the first time and it reminded me of Coopers original pale ale but slightly lighter in taste. I probably prefer Coopers but can’t go wrong at $1.33/bottle.

  • I can’t find any SA coles where you can collect booze!

    • +2

      St clair and Churchill are the ones i just ordered from.

  • Thought i missed out but just ordered mine for pick up tomorrow. Thanks op

  • Cheers OP. Now the painful wait to see if they honour it….

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered 5

  • Thanks op got 5 delivered.

  • So I ordered 3, along with a bottle of wine to make up the $50. Paid for postage, as I'm not close to a store. Now I got a message stating I'll only get one six pack today as out of stock. The worse thing is Coles have charged my account for the full amount then the revised amount. Called them and they said the first amount will be released but with upto a ten day wait…. I now have to double dip and drive 40km to collect the other 2 items that they oversold. Be warned Coles online is pathetic!!.

  • +1

    Surprised the deal still on, ordered another 5 for $40.

    • Hi I cannot place. When I click the link it says page not available. Can you share the link from where you ordered just now

      • You need to change the pickup from a store that has stock (Kellyville for me) if your local doesn’t have stock link wont work

      • Website is broken. You need to start again from scratch with Chrome in Incognito mode. Will then work.

        • Actually, they have now removed it
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