expired Grays Outlet - Perfume Sale *Lowest Price Guarantee* Price Start from $4.95!



First submit so please be constructive with feedback :P

Fairly good grays outlet sale just starting today, all through out December. With a lowest price guarantee too!

Notable examples that I found:

Diesel Plus Plus 75ml $4.95
Burberry Weekend 30ml $12.95
Hugo XY 40ml $19.95

Shipping is reasonable "$7.95 for the 1st Item, $1 per item thereafter".

The word is that alot more will be added shortly too!!

Thanks for the correction swimmingtoad, no dangerous freight surcharge by the looks of it.

Got all my Kris Kringle sorted now :D.


Grays Outlet

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    • $8 postage for first item and $1 additional items????
  • +2 votes

    Lol .. "Cause its Aussie, means you don't get slapped with import tariffs too"

    Well you wouldn't anyway, unless you were importing over $1000 worth.



      Brought from these guys last week…charged me 10% extra :S

      • +5 votes

        That was 10% extra for the postage, as you ordered fragrance.

        "Fragrances are considered to be "dangerous goods" so we are required to comply with international airfreight guidelines for shipping. This greatly increases our shipping costs so we must charge a small fee for fragrance-only orders."

        it wasn't an import tariff.


          Thanks for the correction, edited the post. Cheers

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    Some are good, some are not though, best to check with ChemistWarehouse first.
    Eg. Paco Rabanne 100ml, Grays = $55, CW = $30


    Good find, just bought 4 bottles for $89 including shipping where as ebay search produces >$150 total for same products + shipping, certainly a bargain!


    First submit so please be constructive with feedback :P

    Interesting variation on the first post, please be kind routine :)

    Imma give you a +1 for that and the fact that some of the perfumes are crazy cheap.


    just a quick question: are these genuine? o.o


      I believe so…this is on all product pages. "This is a genuine leading designer brand Perfume and is brand new, authentic and boxed, exactly as you would find at leading department stores."

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    First post and you've already accused us all of smelling terribly. Ouch!

  • -1 vote

    i need to smell the thingggggg


    Been looking for DKNY be delicious at a reasonable price, thanks.

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    ****Enter the code "ShopSmart" and you will receive $20 off of your order, making it ridiculously cheap!****


      Nice find! I just paid shipping (7.95) for a 75ml bttle of beckham signature story. Very happy


      Wow! Couldn't believe this worked :p.


        If only you posted this an hour earlier :( Thanks anyway


      fantastic! Thank you!


    Thanks willpan, ordered 6 fragrances for $35 incl shipping after $20 discount coupon.


    code not working for me…. :(


      yeah, can confirm it doesn't work for me either….fail :(


        I think it was only for the first 200 people, the code worked for me a couple of days ago.

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