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[PC] Witcher 3 GOTY Edition US$6 (~A$9) @ GOG (VPN Required)


I used NORDVPN to connect to Ukraine to find this deal. Best price I have ever seen for GOTY.

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    toss a coin to your Witcher

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      You mean in that dream where 15 AAA games were free

      • no it was actually free two months ago for one day

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          You mean this?, but that's only if you owned the game on another platform.

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        That was witcher 4 unfortunately

  • Will it work here if purchased via VPN? I know Steam has very strict restrictions, and you could get banned if you could get around them at all

    • Yes, i did this for cyberpunk.

    • Yes, I did the same for cyberpunk as well. I do recommend using a fresh account just incase though.

  • doesnt work with Surfshark VPN Ukraine

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      You will need to either clear you we browser cache or just do it using incognito/private browsing. I use Surfshark and had no issues purchasing ti from the Ukraine VPN location.

      • thanks, clicked "Forget about this site" for GOG in history (Firefox) and worked cheers

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      You have to use chrome incognito window or something that can clear your browsing history. You are welcome.

    • Moscow Russia works too, $6USD

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    If you only buy one CDPR game this year, make it this one.

  • I paid 369 Rubles (~AUD6.90) using Russian VPN. Thanks OP! Will finally get to play it after finishing Cyberpunk.

    • Was that GOTY or the regular one?

      • Oh no I just realised I bought the wild hunt version lol. Any ways to get refund? Lol

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          I would recommend just getting the Expansion Pass via the same method which will unlock the GOTY edition as well.

          I buy all my GOG games with Rubles but I don't intend on asking for refunds from this method.

  • Do I claim this on steam or can I download it straight from GOG?

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      Gog has its own launcher, so not on steam

      • don't even need the launcher, you can download the installers direct from GOG website. DRM-Free.

      • aight thanks man

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    2077 got version 1.05 update today

    best game I ve ever played( pc version gtx1070)

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      You must play pretty rubbish games.

  • :sob: no $ for a VPN :sob: (and trying Tor with .ua exit nodes doesn't work :sob:)….c'est la vie, I guess

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    This is something I don't really understand. Why on earth is this game cheaper in Russia than anywhere else in the world. You don't get a disk, a box, any fancy physical product, there's no shipping, it's not a luxury item. shouldn't digital downloads be the same price all over the world (excluding local taxes obviously)?

    • Goods are priced at what the local market will tolerate. They would make less money pricing it higher.

      It’s not like clothing is more expensive in Australia compared to Asia because of shipping costs.

    • Russia is a poor country with one of the worst performing currencies. Russia also has an exceptionally strong pirate scene, so goods have to be cheap or else they'll just pirate it.

  • Worked thanks, through Express VPN Ukraine.

  • Worked thanks OP.

  • Expired now? Showing as $20.03

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