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[PC] Epic - Free - Defense Grid: The Awakening - Epic Store


The next freebie from the Epic Store.

This time it is: Defense Grid: The Awakening


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    Why do you have 2 reports?

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      No idea. Probably because those two did not read properly, thought it is already active and now complain that the link does not work.
      Of course it will do at 3:00am but they missed that bit.

      Don't miss this freebie as I think they will run out of keys before 24 December:


      • Yeah, EPIC is always at 3:00am :)

        • This time of the year at least.

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        In future posts, you should put the link to the actual game (https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/defense-grid/h...) in the main post
        or the main site url (https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/) and we can scroll down to add the free game

        Whatever link is in the right thumbnail just ends up logging most people out of their account
        then we need to login again.

        So the thumbnail link is useless and is just a waste of time.

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          I still get logged out even though I visit directly to the epic games site?

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            @jonske: Epic loves to log me out too. Very annoying.

          • @jonske: that is why I said just put the direct url link to the game in the main post or the main site url in the main post etc.
            at least then it won't waste time going through the logout url of the thumbnail link which then loads the main site

            And we can just click login link or click get game link which would show the login screen (if we got logged out)

            Currently when people click the thumbnail link, we are expecting it would load the game url, which it does not
            and is very annoying to instead to be loading a black screen with the logout url, which then loads the main url site..

            Thus the thumbnail url is not loading the link people are expecting to load (ie the game's url)

            • @pinkybrain: I logged in, ticked remember me box, and also for 2FA clicked remember this computer for 30 days. This was done all last night.

              Then visited the direct url link you posted this morning and I still need to log in again? Why is epic games expiring my log in session so quickly?

              • @jonske: contact epic and let us know

                you asking me why is pointless.

                I think the 30 days thing is just to avoid 2FA, not the auto logout issue

      • Still showing as $7.49 for me. Am I missing something? Or is it 3am on the 23rd?

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          Expired. That is why. You missed it.
          Alien Isolation is free today.

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    This is a great game and a superb time waster.

    500+ hours for me :-(

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      Yep, this is one of my all time faves.
      Very well done and so much fun.

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      Thank you for your service!

    • Only 31 hours, feel insecure now.

      Certainly more fun that the sequel.

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        There are all the challenge variations you can do… and after that, you can try to move up the global leaderboard and optimise your "strategy".

        But on the negative side, it's happened many times when I glance and the clock and kick myself cos it's like 0300 AM and I've a 0900 meeting. etc…
        or something like that. The sheer lack of will power disappoints myself.

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    I have no idea how it's happened but give/take 2 years of redeeming these freebies and only these, I somehow have a library of over 115 games.

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    Looks like the list I copied earlier is holding up! Pasted here again for future reference

    17th dec. - Cities Skyline (done)~

    18th dec. - Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (done)~

    19th dec. - The long Dark~ (done)

    20th dec. - Defence Grid*~ (current)

    21st dec. - Alien Isolation*~

    22nd dec. - Metro 2033 Redux~

    23rd dec. - Tropico 5*~

    24th dec. - Inside*~

    25th dec. - Darkest Dungeon*~

    26th dec. - Time in Portia~

    27th dec. - Night in the Woods~

    28th dec. - Stranded Deep~

    29th dec. - Solitairica~

    30th dec. - Torchlight 2~

    31st dec. - Jurassic World Evolution*~

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      tomorrow looks to be a certainty also based on the helmet logo on tomorrows tease

    • Thanks for the updated list?

      Whats the * for?

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        From the original post bboT linked "Current predictions about the list, copied from the reddit thread. Apparently the asterisk signals 100% certainty…"

        • Thanks Telex!

          • @DarthAntz: No prob… you're mighty quick. True ozbargainer lurking

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    I got this on steam for a few dollars a few years ago, my main dislike is the whole game is unlocked by default. Much different to when it first came out on Xbox

    Makes playing the story mode feel weird, since you can just skip easily

  • Wow Free game. Thank you

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    My favourite tower defence game. I have it on Steam already but nice to have a backup!

    Highly recommended! Thanks OP!