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[PC] Free - The Long Dark @ Epic Games


Today's daily freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 3am AEDT.

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    https://twitter.com/jovanmunja/status/1339958916491448320 and https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/kehh...

    Current predictions about the list, copied from the reddit thread. Apparently the asterisk signals 100% certainty…

    17th dec. - Cities Skyline (done)~

    18th dec. - Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (done)~

    19th dec. - The long Dark~

    20th dec. - Defence Grid*~

    21st dec. - Alien Isolation*~

    22nd dec. - Metro 2033 Redux~

    23rd dec. - Tropico 5*~

    24th dec. - Inside*~

    25th dec. - Darkest Dungeon*~

    26th dec. - Time in Portia~

    27th dec. - Night in the Woods~

    28th dec. - Stranded Deep~

    29th dec. - Solitairica~

    30th dec. - Torchlight 2~

    31st dec. - Jurassic World Evolution*~

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    Boy did this list change drastically. Still great games.

    • Good gems here indeed, but no one is ever getting shit from what was on that last wishlist LOL

  • That list is definitely very different from the previous one

  • Freebie : D

  • The long dark is such a great game. If you got some time off work and just wanna chill out its the most relaxing game that still satisfies your survival gaming needs.

    • I'm gonna pretend it's like that book Hatchet

    • Relaxing, I don't think so.

      I've had this for a few years and the best I've done is 24 days.

      So hard if you don't understand the capabilities of this game.

  • Love your work dealbot - an ozbargain legend!

  • Thanks dealbot, this is a good game. The previous two weren't too bad, free and all, but will get little play time from me.

  • I'm gutted I missed Oddworld, I couldn't log in and forgot to do it at home, now I'll have to buy it like some schmuck if I want to play it.

    • If you want I can lend you my account. (If I can seperate my gmail password to just Epic)

      • Is it possible to gift individual games?

        • Doubt it. I would've just changed my password and given them my login details which doesn't have much personal stuff on there.

      • Very kind of you, but I'd rather not be responsible for that and cause any issues with your Epic account. I'll just buy it on sale next time. Thank you.

        • That's very big of you.
          I don't think I'd get in trouble and I probably wouldn't mind all that much if I did. I've never even played or paid for any games on Epic yet. I've just been getting the free ones for a rainy day where I might feel like playing.
          Good luck with the sale.

  • Perfect! I’ve had this on my steam wishlist

  • What happened to far cry 5? I thought that was on the list

    • That list was a dreamlist/wishlist of some little kid/troll.

      • Exactly. There were far too many AAA games in one place.

        I'd like to be wrong and get any one on that list, but I'm not expecting this list to change much.

  • The thumbnail pic link on the right always ends up logging me out of my epic account and then I need to login again.

    Better to just put a link to https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/
    or to the actual game e.g https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-long-dark/...

    and people can just click the free game by scrolling down.

    • Thanks for that direct link, I couldn't log into my account at all using the deal link. Would get an endlessly spinning circle.

      • ozbargain needs to fix this issue.

        clicking the thumbnail is useless and just ends up logging me out of my account
        and then I need to log back in again..

        so what is the point of having that clickable thumbnail link that does absolutely nothing and just waste your time by logging you out?

        • I thought it was Opera Browser on my phone causing this. I'm redirected to the logout URL if I go to www.epicgames.com when I haven't been to their website for 24 hours or so.

          • @Loopholio: seems to be for all browsers..

            the link should just be to the main site or to the game link page like I posted.

            whatever you URL that is in the thumbnail just ends up logging me out of my account.

            Not sure if this is epic's issue or ozbargain issue.

      • I have had a spinning circle for weeks now, unable to login, what did you change to fix it?

        To be more specific, i click sign in, click "sign in with epic games" and then i can enter email and password however the button that should say sign in just has a spinning circle on it.

        • I have the same issue (using Opera Browt on Android). I find leaving it spinning while using other tabs for five minutes works. The login server may be overloaded?

  • If you like survival games this will test your metal.
    It is a must to play for anyone.

  • Sweet, I tried playing this on my crappy laptop a while back but definitely will give it a run on my pc now.

  • The "Get" or "Add to wishlist" seems to be unclickable on the Epic app. Is anyone else facing a similar issue?

  • There isn't a bad game on this likely list. Been looking at Lond Dark for like 3 months easy. Cheers for post

  • Is Epic down? Can't login.

  • I love this game, been playing it for a year or two now. Highly recommend but be ready to be beaten by the elements!

  • Time in Portia should be My Time at Portia

    Almost all of these games are really really good and the rest are just really good. Alien Isolation, The Long Dark, Oddworld, Cities skylines, Inside, My Time at Portia, Torchlight 2, Metro 2033… It's a list of the 90% + ratings club.

    I already own every game here except Defense Grid and Jurassic World Evolution (which I almost bought the other day on sale) and they were all wishlisted at one time too. Stranded Deep is probably the weakest link but still a decent enough game, just one of those games eternally in early access with very slow development which was supposed to have been finished 5 years ago.

    This is a big score for those who don't have them and is really worth setting an alarm for.

    • i'm flabbergasted at how many quality games epic is giving away just to attract users to their platform. I guess they are really, really trying to uproot steam as the gaming store.

  • Awesome Game. Legit survival game. Tough as hell.

  • Cheers!

  • So I download Epic Game Launch for OSX and installed The Long Dark which works on both PC and Mac. Click to run it and nothing happens. It does say it’s running but it just stays on the launcher dashboard.

    I have also encountered a few app crashes with this launcher too

  • Dammit - missed this when free - have been playing on Xbox game pass and enjoying but will be removed soon
    It's back to $45 now!