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Coles Roasted & Salted Cashews 800g $10.00 @ Coles


Hand picked best buy out of this week's Coles catalogue starting Wednesday 23rd.

Looks like it's already reduced in QLD, not sure about other states so will leave start date as 23rd for now

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  • It's also currently $10 in NSW.

  • Already $10 in WA

  • Already $10 in SA

  • +1

    Love the disclaimer: "Packed in Australia from less than 10% Australian ingredients".

    • +3

      Is that the water and salt? Or do they add in an aussie cashew for every 9 vietnamese cashews??

  • Anyone found a deal for raw cashews instead?. Woolies has $9 deal for 750g?? (saw it in store yesterday). again no raw ones

    • Normally i love nutting raw, but not for cashews.

    • I think I saw a 1 kg bag of ‘natural’ cashews at Aldi yesterday. Can’t remember the price but I think it was around $10.

  • Hand picked best buy

    No way are they hand picked…

    • Maybe they mean the 800g bags are hand picked, not the individual nuts inside haha

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