This was posted 7 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Instax Mini Link Printer Kit (Denim Blue) with 20x Films + Accessories $99 at Big W


I've had my eye on an Instax printer for a while and just got alerted to this ripper deal from Big W.

RRP of this bundle is $189 and it was most recently discounted to $169. Now it's dropped further to $99 and put on clearance.

In the box, you get:

  • Instax Mini Link Printer Denim Blue
  • Matching Sock Case
  • Instax Mini Film Plain 20pk
  • 5x Wooden Photo Stands

Along with the app, you can:

  • Wireless Printing
  • Simple Print Mode
  • Video Print Mode
  • Compatibility Match Test
  • Party Print Mode
  • Frame Print
  • Re-Print

For comparison, the usual RRP of the Instax Mini Link Printer itself is $169 and this does not appear to be on sale.

At the time of posting, it was in stock at most metro Big Ws in Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra. However, it appears to be unavailable in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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    No stock anywhere


      Last I checked, still plenty of stock in Perth, Adelaide and a few other cities. But not Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or for delivery anymore.


    If the Instax Mini prints the pictures why do we need the printer ( or the bundle for that matter). Was looking to buy the camera for my 5 year old but still deliberating if it is worthwhile at her age.

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      The printer means you don't need an Instax camera anymore. Take the photos on your phone as usual, and print the ones you want. You don't really need this bundle if you have an Instax camera that works.

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        Exactly. 5 years old might be too young for an analogue camera as it is kind of easy to mess up the photos (due to light and all the manual settings) and they might lose interest. This printer gets rid of that, but they still need a phone.

        For my 4 years old I'm looking at something like this where you can print them on thermal paper, much cheaper and cooler for them if you find the one that can be used as stickers. They can even colour the photos with their markers.


    Dernit, bought one for 127 from digi direct recently


      Thoughts on it?

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        It's hard to say because I've not owned any other smartphone printers. I was attracted to it because it looks more like an analog photo. The prints seem like objects rather than just a piece of paper with ink on it.

        I want to mostly give them to people as kitschy gifts/souvenirs. I shoot from my fuji camera, transfer to phone then print. The app is straightforward and easy to use with basic editing and lots of frames/stickers

        I noticed it loses a lot of detail/dynamic range in very dark or bright images, i.e. a black dog or areas with lots of bright glare

        If you want better image fidelity, bigger image area, and lower cost per print, there are probably other options you could explore. I'm happy with it so far because the photos are adorable


    Stock near Sydney to north and west at Newcastle (Singleton, Cessnock), and Katoomba, etc.


      Thanks for that, I just did quick CBD checks as people were reporting this as insufficient quantity.


    Yus combined with my lil bro's woolies 10% discount for $89 total & local pickup available, Cheers!