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eufy Black Floodlight $198.99 @ Bunnings


Eufy 1080p Black Floodlight noticed its sitting at $198.99 on Bunnings website, not sure how long it will last for - looks like it needs to be purchased as a special order.

$1 cheaper than the supercheap special

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  • not sure how long it will last for

    Hopefully until Saturday. Disappointed, was going to get bunnings to price match sca, didnt get time on saturday :(.

    Would have been a killer deal @ 161ea :(. sad

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    not sure how long it will last for

    Warranty is 12 months, so at least that you'd think…

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    Strange look.

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      Looks like a reproduction

  • +1

    It looks like something else

    • +1

      I'll tell you….it looks like ovaries with fallopian tube.

  • Hi guys any idea How much it would cost to install by a licensed electrician? I already have another flood light. Just to replace with eufy

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      Probably about $150 but it's really 3 wires and it's all colour coded ;)

  • good price, i paid $239 on amazon months ago

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        are you bored?

  • +1

    I bought this from last Bing Lee deal and it's amazing piece of kit, Led's are really bright and camera/motion detection works great too, Really happy with it so far.

  • does this need a home base to sync to for it to work or is it a stand alone product?

    • stand alone

      • does it integrate into the eufy app if I already have a eufy home base with cameras?
        cant seem to find this out from website..

        • +1

          the camera shows up in the eufy app but does not store videos in the homebase, it has internal storage instead.

          • @relentlessM8: understood - thanks for the feedback.

            so - i can control it via the app - (ie re alert zones and schedules) , I can watch video from the app - just the video is stored in the camera instead…

            • @dr_ rusko: Correct, just an fyi these don't have human detection like the eufycam so doesn't filter the useless notifications as good.

  • Good but a bit delay in the video.

  • Im still waiting for my click and collect, anyone else? Went in there at they had nothing on there system, hmmm

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