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KitchenAid Classic 2 Slice Automatic Toaster - White $59 (RRP $129) + Delivery (Free shipping with Club Catch) @ Catch


Quick price check showed next cheapest to be $83 at Appliances Online. Seems like a good deal to me.


Enjoy perfectly toasted slices of bread thanks to the Classic 2 Slice Automatic Toaster by KitchenAid. With selectable shades and various modes to tailor to your needs, this kitchen staple is a stylish and practical addition to your bench-top.


KitchenAid appliances
Model: Classic 2 Slice Automatic Toaster
Keep warm, crumpet, defrost and reheat functions
Selectable shade
Automatically lowers and raises bread
Materials: Die-cast metal
Power: N/A
Cord length (approx. cm): N/A
Model no.: 5KMT221AWH
Colour: White
Capacity: 2 slices of bread per toasting cycle
Dimensions (approx. cm): 27 x 37 x 28
Weight (approx.): 3kg

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  • Thanks op very good deal quick search showed your is the cheapest price ..I also combined it with 15% off gift cards from the PayPal deal and this made it more cheaper about $50 . Cheers

    • Think it was a bit cheaper during the last 20% off ebay sale, it was advertised as $59 as well, but then 20% off and even moreso with eBay gift cards.

      • This may be the story but far the cheapest available in the market ..and in most of the places its sold out as well so still a good deal

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    I worked at a department store and remember a lot of people complaining about this toaster saying it doesn’t do an even job of toasting

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      Well google shows pretty decent reviews everywhere on mostly all the websites more than 4.5 out out of 5 star …so you are debating they are not true reviews ?

      • +7

        Your response seems to be a little aggressive.
        binti33 is relaying their recollection of first-hand customer interactions. At least they had those direct experiences, rather than just relying on online reviews (which may or may not be valid).

        • -5

          Mate not sure how do you find it aggressive when I am providing my pint of view as per freedom of act …I Was going by the facts and I am not disagreeing with binti33 point of view ..however I can’t disregard the online reviews that’s for sure ..

      • I bought one of these recently from ebay and had to return it as the inner side heating elements did not work at all which would leave you with only one side of the bread toasted. You will find quite a few similar low star reviews out there as this seems to be a common issue with this toaster but at least if it's faulty you can get a refund so it's worth a shot purchasing as it sounds like a good toaster when it's fully functioning.

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      Been holding out for a decent toaster for a while now. From what I've seen most toasters have some complaints about even toasting thrown in amongst the reviews. Fingers crossed this one holds true to the positive reviews I've seen.

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        I honestly think toasters, being the basic machine they are, really don't need to be as fancy as this one. It doesn't seem to even have a manual lift, and when the heat eventually kills the electronics, the basic ones might give u more life out of your toaster.

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          I've been using the basic ones, they keep dying on me, hence looking for the upgrade.

    • Were folk returning the toaster and this was the complaint? Certainly can see that happening if you paid anywhere near the RRP.

      Need to replace my $10 kmart cheapy with something that works a lot better.

  • But can it run Crysis?

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    Reviews on toasters are really bad in general, such a simple job and so many failures.
    I bought a new one recently, setting 1 gives you bread, setting 2 gives you carbon.
    Seems to be difficult to build the perfect mouse trap!

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    I have this toaster and LOVE it!
    It’s super sleek as it doesn’t have the big leaver that stocks out. Also I love how it gives off a beep when the toast is ready.

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    Don't forget Unidays 10% off Catch to reduce to $53.10.
    Another 6% off with discount gift cards.
    And 3% cashback.

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