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Farscape: The Definitive Collection [Blu-Ray] AUD $75 @ Amazon UK


The DVD version of this boxset was discounted recently, but now it's the Blu-ray version's turn. This seems to be the lowest price ever for this boxset, with a £23 discount compared to the pricing a few days ago, plus the Blu-ray boxset isn't even available in Australia as far as I know (ironic, given the nature of the series). Reviews say the video quality is only average, so take that into account (the DVD version is only $16 cheaper though).

The price is £57.99 minus VAT (removed at the last page of the checkout process), which becomes £48.33, which is around AUD $75. Free shipping to Australia, as usual.

And yes, it will work in Australian Blu-ray players, as both the UK and Australia share the same Blu-ray region.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    Just an FYI that this doesn't include "The Peacekeeper Wars" which is the Farscape movie that wraps up the series.

    Copy and paste from an Amazon review:

    One thing to note: "Farscape: The Complete Series" ends on a massive cliffhanger because the Sci Fi Channel unexpectedly cancelled it, and "The Peacekeeper Wars" (the conclusive ending) apparently won't be included, since the rights belong to two different companies.


    Expired - now £74.97


    yes everyone states its upscaled and it don't work well at many points because of interiors - the ship. However limited probably the best looking version though as also noted it is deliberately incomplete.
    Because of above I think its still a little expensive in comparative terms - and a much cheaper dvd set may still be the way to go…


      The DVD set was only $16 cheaper, so I wouldn't say it was much cheaper, considering that there's also the region issue with DVDs. The Australian DVD version is over $100 (there's no Australian Blu-ray version).

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