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[PC] Free - Tropico 5 @ Epic Games


Today's daily freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 3am AEDT.

Note - I confirmed this game before the new list was leaked.


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  • upvote dealbot as always and mostly for this "Note - I confirmed this game before the new list was leaked."

  • Tropico 5 is already in your Steam library.
    Have a +1 though for staying up past midnight as always.

  • Nice, i got this as a bonus with ps+, big fan of the series but I can't bring myself to play it on console.

  • FYI the rest of the list is supposed to be as below - apparently sourced from German site before the event began and has been accurate so far.

    24-Dec Inside
    25-Dec Darkest Dungeon
    26-Dec My Time At Portia
    27-Dec Night in the Woods
    28-Dec Stranded Deep
    29-Dec Solitairica
    30-Dec Torchlight II
    31-Dec Jurassic World Evolution

  • Awesome, thanks DealBot! 😄

    I was literally just considering buying Tropico 5 or 6 on Steam last night!

  • Thanks op.

    Out of curiosity who is actually playing these free games from the epic giveaway? (wonder if it’s like the udemy list …)

    • Been playing Abe's odd world since I played it on the PS1 as a kid.

    • Most of the games in my Epic library haven't even been installed yet..
      However, I did have a lot of fun with Little Inferno, and played a bit of Slime Rancher.

    • Haven't played any yet directly from Epic's giveaway, most of the games I want to play/play I have on steam already.
      Will actually play some of them one day
      I did say that about those Udemy courses… which I still haven't started…

      • Yeah just what I was thinking too… It’s likely to get backfired later on when you get targeted deals because you have these freebies in library. :-/

    • I am playing Into the Breach right now. And I absolutely love it. :)

  • Just wanted to say It's been an amazing journey being part of this epic community for last two years. Never paid for any games and never played any free games.

  • sucks I missed this :(