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[Switch] Syberia 1+2 - $2.39 (Was $47.95, 95% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Decent deal for the classic Syberia Point & click games.

Given the reviews for Syberia 3 (particularly the Switch Port), these may be the only games from the series you will ever need if you're at all interested in it.

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  • Can't go wrong at this price.

    • Agreed, but the file size… is the game good?

      • +1

        i played it on PC a couple months ago. They were goodish but haven't aged well.

        I would give the first one a 7, and the second one an 8. If you're an adventure game connoisseur, not a whole lot happens in them. They're about 10 hours long but the story can be summed up in a paragraph each. You spend the whole game chasing a macguffin in both games. You find it and game ends. Nothing much happens in between. There are some emotional payoffs but there's not enough story content for a whole game. The Longest Journey is much better, and there is a fan HD AI upscaled remaster for it which makes it look beautiful.

        Don't play Syberia 3. It's bad.

        • Yeah, was thinking about grabbing trilogy as my local eb has stock. But given all the bad reviews on the third release, I grabbed this digital copy. Less than $3 spent, what could go wrong? :)

          • @Jay Nomad: if you actually intend to play it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the game. The whole trilogy was about $6 on steam a month ago, so I got 3 with it and started playing it but gave up not long into it.

            And if you've played TLJ, which is usually $5 when discounted on steam. I consider that possibly the best point and click adventure I've played. And I hail from the golden era of Sierra and Lucasarts adventures of the 90s.

  • Brought both, finnished 1 and its pretty good.

    • Just curious. What did you like most about 1?

      If you liked 1, you should like 2, because it's just more of 1.

      I felt the game was lacking in twists and the journey was mostly uneventful. Some stuff happens along the way, such as your train needing to be wound a few times, but nothing that adds to the greater plot. Normally when you play an adventure game, by the end you feel like you went through a lot but I didn't get that sense here. It was a ton of reading articles and talking to people, but it was just one stall after another in reaching your objective.

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