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[PS4] The Last of Us Part II $20 + Delivery / Free Pick Up @ Big W


Full credit to Press Start for this, TLOU2 coming down even further from its recent cheap pricing, starting tomorrow. Full List

Note this bargain is meant to go live tomorrow, it’s currently $29.

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    Damn $20 so cheap. Bought it for $27 from JB a few weeks ago

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      I got it for $29 on the 18th. Haven't even unwrapped it yet. Store receipt still stuck on.

      Thinking off return and picking up at BigW … someone talk me out of it.

      • +8

        I don’t know if contending with putrid Boxing Day crowds is worth the $9!!

        • Is this in store only?

          If I can't order online then yeh I'll give it a miss.

          • @Shard: Should be able to order online too. I’ve linked to the product in the description and will update the bargain when it goes live on their website.

            • +2

              @SoDelicious: Ah all good. Will C&C and pickup after a few days when it's quietened down then. Cheers.

      • I paid $35 in the Black Friday Sales, not opened, don't even have a PS4. :(
        But I don't think it is worth the effort to get your $9 back, unless you live next to jb and bigw.

  • That $35 Black Friday deal keeps looking worse and worse :(

    • +9

      so just buy it again and return (the new, unopened copy) using the $35 order receipt.

    • I got it for 48! Returned and rebought when it was 29. Soon they will be paying us to play it. It’s a brilliant game though.

  • +5

    FINALLY!!! Been holding off @ $29/35, the time has finally arrive :)

    Told ya all it's going to be ~$19 in no time…

  • +3

    Avenger's should be $9!

    • Why that much?

      • Exactly :D

  • Oh yeah, a goty/remaster Edition is coming to PS5 soon!!

    • Rumour only at this point. However the upcoming multiplayer release is an obvious opportunity to do something for PS5 owners.

    • SURELY it’ll be a free upgrade.

      • Surely not…

  • +7

    Doh - bugger I paid more for it not long ago, but it was a bloody good game - in the process of my second playthrough (which is something I never really do), so even at $35 or what it was it was worth it. If you haven't got it already, $20 is an absolute steal!!

    • Don’t worry. I paid the LE Ps4 pro console and the collectors edition.
      Eventually all Sony first party games tend to drop in price which is really good for us.

      Don’t see why is a bad thing, but sure some people do.

  • +1

    I got two copy at $29 each ☹️. Bought from Amazon but delivery was too long so went and got it at JB now the Amazon one arrived.

  • +2

    Lol… paid too much for this game before… Time to bring out the golf club…
    Won't be easy to get a copy though I reckon, now that it is listed on OZB.

  • I think it was $16 a few days ago as someone posted in here. I was a bit shock by that cheap price but it was almost like Sony first-party game, So it just a matter of time

  • +8

    They printed way too many copies.

  • Nek minit: GotY edition $14… It's just the way of things. The longer you're willing to wait, the cheaper it'll get.

  • +9

    Buy it now, before you can only get the ugly Playstation Hits cover lol

  • +1

    Eh, will wait for a remaster.

    • In 2026?

      • No, the speculation is a remastered version (or PS5 enhanced version if you like) will be introduced with Factions (the multiplayer part of TLOU part 2). Could Sony introduce an ultimate edition kinda like Spiderman?? Neil indicated Factions is too big to be included at launch of TLOU part 2 (but does that imply a DLC??).

        Given how great Naughty Dog is from a tech point of view, it is "interesting" that there is no 4K (even if dynamic res) 60fps patch for TLOU part 2 yet. I certainly hope / prefer Naughty Dog releases new patches to unlock framerate so people can get 4K (dynamic) 60fps for PS4 Naughty Dog games on PS5, rather than having to buy an enhanced version.

        • They released a remastered version of TLOU1 with the PS4, so they'll probably do it again for this. Explains why there is no patch out.

          • +1

            @cyrax83: funny how people seem completely fine with them rereleasing a game not even 1 year in

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    I finally got around to playing this. Here's a shortlist of impressions from someone expecting not to like it (no spoilers):

    • Its flaws are pronounced by the ~30hr playtime.
    • High-risk stealth/action interplay is when it's at its best
    • I felt a heavy disconnect with the story at times, and that wasn't always by design.
    • It has far too many things going for it for me to consider it anything less than a good game.

    I'm glad I played it just so I could form my own opinion, divorced from all the loudest voices. The only thing stopping me from replaying it is the speculated 60fps update…but I'd be remiss to say that I didn't love this game as much as I wanted to.

  • +2

    What a steal. Can’t believe the price has gone down so quickly. Great game

  • +1

    I hate my Black Friday deal, still sealed :(

  • +1

    I'm guessing they were expecting to sell a lot more with how quickly and how often this game has become ridiculously cheap. The leaks and user reviews probably lost them millions in sales.

  • +5

    Played this game a while ago. It's nice visually and the combat is satisfying. The story falls flat on every level, the new characters don't hold up on their own, and the old characters are unrecognisable in their one dimensionality and are written as idiots to push the plot forward. Very disappointing game.

    • +1

      surprised you havent been downvoted to oblivion yet, ppl here hate anyone shitting on this game

  • +3

    Soon this would be at Anthem price, for a buck.

  • Buy the game for $20. Play it then sell it for $24 at cex = profit?


    • Sold it for $24. I was thinking cex may lower the selling price as the game is at a all time low price of $20. Easy $4 made and I could have made more if I bought more, but didnt want to look like it was stolen by selling so many lol.

  • +8

    That game devalued rather quickly 😶

    • +1

      because they shipped 4 mil copies which ppl didnt buy

  • Just a quick question Guys…i have the Ps4 500gb model from 2016…will i be able to play this game well… i heard this game makes the console fans runs loud & hot and also put quite a heavy load on the console.

    Thinking of jumping on this deal but want to make sure my old version console can handle the game requirements.

    • +1

      I played it on my base PS4 and it ran great and looked gorgeous. Apparently its even a little bit smoother than the PS4 Pro version because it runs at a lower resolution (1080p).

      • Thanks for the info!!! Will jump on this deal.

  • Jealous that I can't wipe out my memory and replay this like a new experience

    Well deserved of its GOTY 2020 crown. Nothing else comes close this year

    • Edit wrong reply

    • -1

      Horrible game.

      More like worst GOTY

      • Flawed statement

  • +2

    No deals on cyberpunk?

    • +3

      Yeah. A refund

  • My god I dont even have a PS4/PS5 and I wanted this one

    • Hmm if only there was a simple way to click on the image and look for yourself… 🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    I'm waiting for the Woke Edition.

  • +3

    No Deal. Not worth anymore than $19 full whack.

    Put CP2077 for $19 too

  • +4

    Insane price. Well worth it. Don't be put off by the unreasonable amount of hate, amazing game still.

    • +7

      People are defending this like they defend The Last Jedi.

    • +4

      Haters remind me of the current generation of kids that grew up in a household where the word "no" is banned and only participated in competitions where there are no losers and everyone gets a medal at the end of it

      • +1

        That be school these days. There are no losers. Everyone gets a medal.

        So when they grow up and in the workplace they expect such fun fair for doing what their hired for.

  • +1

    For anyone wondering if this is even worth $20, spend the time to watch the Critical Drinker's review:

  • they really wanna get rid off this stupid game rofl

  • Man, ozbargain of the month

  • Great deal, managed to snag one this evening just before they closed at 6pm. They were putting the new price tags up but it still scanned at $29. They over rided the price to $20

  • +1

    Past midnight. Still 29

  • Price is live online

  • Do they sell sealed copies?

  • +1
  • Hmm tempting but I like my new games plastic wrapped. The last time I bought a PS4 game from Big W they just took the disc from under the counter and put it into an empty case. Do they still do that?

    • Yup. Still effectively selling used games. Almost every single one I've gotten from Big W for the last few years has had scuffed discs from very poor handling. They should label their games USED.

  • Grabbed one from Big W in Joondalup (WA) - on the shelf they were still marked as $79 but scanned at $20.

    Plenty of stock there this morning.

  • Thanks SoDelicious. Bought one for delivery and posted within 30mins. Great deal.

  • Thanks OP - got EB to price match and used a gift card that's been lying around