Home MESH - How to?


See this for a crap diagram of my home network.


The wi-fi generated from the VR600v around the house is ok, not great. Have 10+ wireless devices. Not a huge number.

Looking to add a 3 mesh system. The Deco M5's.

I'm trying to understand how the cabling would work for the M5's given my setup and no free LAN ports.

Where would they go?

Do I need to remove some of the wired connections and convert them to wireless?




    One if the M5 will connect to the modem, so need that one ethernet point.

    Don't know about M5, but the M9s have two ethernet points, so the devices can connect to those if still need to be wired.


    Mesh can (and many systems only do) support WiFi backhaul to the modem/router.
    You'll get better network speed with wired backhaul, but it likely won't matter in the real world unless you plan to stream high bitrate 4K video from a personal server.
    You will need to free up at least 1 port on your modem /router to connect the master Mesh Access Point


      Thanks. So once the 'master' one is wired, the other 2 piggyback wirelessly off that one (in effect repeating the wi fi signal)


        They work similar to a mobile tower. You autonomously switch as you travel with no interruption to service.

        The main unit should be connected via ethernet, other points do not require ethernet.

        Disable modem WiFi. Plug in the 'master' and 'slaves'. Away you go. Your devices will switch to the point with the best signal automatically.


    One of the Deco M5 will be connected to the modem.

    The Deco M5 has two ethernet points on the back, so if you need to connect your 2 pc or printer with wired connection ill say place one there and the other with the TV.