Dolby Atmos Sound Bar - Samsung TV - Boxing day deals?

Looking for boxing day deals, sound bar to go with 75" samsung TV
Less than $500 with subwoofer, HDMI and bluetooth.

Looked at the YAS209 and not many good reviews
there was the JBL also but no atmos.


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    The Yamaha has no Atmos support. All the sub-$500 "Atmos" options sold at JB have no upward firing speakers, meaning you won't get very good height effects.


    What are the recommendations for someone who has never used a soundbar before?


      think about what you want it for. if you want room filling sound with good bass most people won't need a atmos set up


        I like the atmos, my Samsung s9+ has it and when I first heard i was very impressed.

        I figured it would be good to have for home entertainment also.

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    Sony HT-Z9RF Premium 5.1ch Soundbar

    Just found this one. More expensive but may be able to justify because of discount haha


      looks like a good deal. sonos arc was going for 1.1ish during black friday i believe, that'd be my pick

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    you'd be hard pressed to find a decent atmos system without close to 1k. for sub 500 i'd get the sonos beam (which isnt atmos / surround sound) or a decent 2.1 to 5.1 system without atmos