Help Me choose a New Car 25K Budget

Guys need some help in choosing a car.
I have shortlisted Suzuki Vitara , Mitsubishi ASX, Hyundai Elantra,Honda civic.
I am just not able to decide on the car.
I currently have a Suzuki swift and BMW 320 and want to replace the swift with any of the above.
It doesn't matter if it is a sub or sedan. What really matters to me the reliability and engineering/technology ofcorse within that budget.
What would be your best pick.
I haven't test driven any of them due to time constraints.
Wondering what are your thoughts.
More than happy to reach out to any of your friends or references . Helps me and help their individual targets aswell.
Baulkham Hills Sydney. Thanks


  • CaMrY

  • Test drive them. Your butt in the drivers seat will give you a better indication which one you like than mine, on the couch at home.

    Start by narrowing it down to one style either SUV, sedan or hatch. Pick Japanese or Korean and off you go to test drive. Come back with a list of 2-4 in the same class for the wise internet to cast its eye over.

  • Anyone Here owns any of the above? Would be interested in your feedback.

    • Kia Cerato and the Hyundai Elantra are basically the same car. I just got the Elantra because I liked the interior looks better. Engine is a bit noisy when cold, once it heats up to operating temp it quietens down. Good on fuel. Cheap to run and maintain.

      • Love the feedback. Thanks. I like the Hyundai for the design

      • Pretty sure the cerato comes with more features in the base model and has longer warranty.

      • We have a Cerato GT. My next car is almost certainly going to be a Stinger. Kias are excellent value for money.

        In relation to Cerato, ride is pretty firm but it does have a sporty drive and lots of nice kit included like heated/cooled seats.

        • I agree that Kia is great value for money.

          I like the Stinger, they look good and go good. Everything you wouldn't have associated with Kia 10 years ago. South Korea has come a long way. Just as Japan did a few decades ago.

      • I bought Kia Cerato in 2017 for $18K, Elantra was about $22K at that time. Couldn't justify the $4K price difference. Cerato had almost everything Elantra had. Elantra had slightly better interiors though. Kia is great value for money. 7 year warranty, 1 service per year, which is capped. Happy with it so far.

        • I got mine in 2018. For me the equivalent Cerato to the base model Elantra was the Cerato Sport (?), and then the price difference was smaller. But my biggest reason for going the Elantra was picking up an Elite model for $22,800 as a demo with only 28km on it. Elite had the leather interior, keyless entry/start, dual zone climate control, chrome exterior accents, etc.

    • My last car was a Civic Si. Best car ever. Compact, comfortable, clever, zippy and just never breaks down or has issues.

      • Thanks nebula . The last I have driven a Honda was Honda City it was called I think. This was ages ago. Great driving comfort. Unforgettable experience.The driver visibility at its best I would say. Certainly worth the consideration and aggressively priced aswell.

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          The last I have driven a Honda was Honda City it was called I think. This was ages ago. Great driving comfort. Unforgettable experience

          For a minute I thought you were reviewing a RR Phantom 🤦

  • I really love my kia cerato. It is very comfortable to drive, has a bigger boot than other cars I was looking at at the time and comes with apple carplay/android auto and a 7 year warranty. I know camrys are the ozbargain favourite but they were several thousand more expensive, and only had a 3 year warranty and no apple carplay. So it was hard to justify not getting the kia. The kia had all the same safety features as well.

    • All Camry's have Apple/Android support now. But no sense comparing, Camry is a class above.

      • Absolutely. Really smooth reliable cars. Easy maintenance, cost effective .Always got positive reviews about Camry. Great soild built too. Over budget , me thinks

        • If you find time to do some test drives, definitely check out the cerato as well. You'll be surprised how nice it is

        • 'Camry is a class above'

          lol - a class above - every taxi on the road … ?

          which is a Camry Hybrid - last time I looked

          most taxis I've taken to the airport have had shot suspension - unh - no thanx …

      • Pity about the rock hard bouncy suspension

      • Yes, you need to compare the Camri with the Kia Optima not the Cerato which are more similar and at a similar price point.

    • I have a Cerato too - I absolutely love it. Cheap to run, lots of room and a really comfortable drive. My second Kia (my first was a Rio that I had for 5 years), can't recommend enough

    • Another here in the Cerato fan club. Very little extra to get the Sport/Sport+ packs which add awesome luxury. I've had my new Cerato a year and I can't recommend highly enough.

    • One more Kia Cerato fan although I got the GT which is above OP budget. Really great car but the hard suspension is not for everyone, recommend test driving it over speed bumps before committing. Great fun to drive though.

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    Not considering a Toyota or Mazda at all ???